Monday, 25 October 2021

Is The Nigerian Police A Tool for Oppression???

At about 5:30AM, on the 23rd of October, 2021, I heard loud noise at my gate. At first I thought it was my Landlady Daughter, Ejomafuvwe driving out. The banging continued for like 5 minutes and then the big gate was plunged opened, then thumping footsteps and shaking of my Landlady's protector was next.

I looked through my window and saw members of Operation Delta Hawk, (Operation Delta Hawk is a security outfit inaugurated in December, 2020 by Governor Okowa to combat insecurity) spread around the compound. At first, I thought a VIP had come to see my Landlady, then I started hearing unfriendly conversations between her and the visitors.

What happened next, was members of OPDH walking around the compound and some saying she's not here, Some came banging at my protector.

"Who you be?" One of them asked aggressively,

"I be tenant" I responded calmly. 

"Open your door" they demanded, without any search warrant, they stormed into my small apartment and began a frantic search for an adult as if they were looking for a needle in haystack.

"Come outside and seat down there," one said, "No stay inside", another said, "let him come out make e nor go make call"

They both concurred and I obeyed and came and sat quietly outside, Not upto 5 minutes, A younger friend, Oreva, by name when he saw the OPDH Hillux vehicles, came around to check on me, members of OPDH will not allow him walk to my doorstep, but made him to seat on a cold heap of white sharp sand in my compound.

One of them came close to my window to urinate and I politely told him he can't do that there, because it's close to our water tank and my window.

After he did is thing, he came to me and said "So you nor know say you are living with a criminal?" 

"Officer, wetin she do?, Did she kill anyone?" I asked?

"No" he responded, 

"Then what did she do?"

"You are asking plenty questions" he said and walked away

At this point, they brought in, a young Man walking pass and pressing his phone, slapped him blue black, made him to put is hands down on the floor and raise both of his leg to the wall. He stood that way for more than 10 minutes, all his body was shaking and he came down, they forced him back up with slaps and kicks.

Then they released him and asked him to run to their Oga, The young man was angry, sad and his legs were tired, so he walked to him.

"We tell you say make you run, you dey form big man dey wake abi?"

"Leavam", the Oga said and told the young man to smile.

The distraught young man could not bring himself to smile, "I say smile, he insisted or else, you go see more punishment."

"Wetin I do?" The young man blurt out, "Oh, you dey ask question Abu, you go know say I learnt wickedness for NDA for four years, now take off your shirt and use your body to level these grass" the Oga commanded

The young man kept asking "Oga wetin I do?"

And one of them responded "Because you nor mind your business."

They made him to continue rolling on the floor, over and over again, till I started pleading for him, I am not sure if it was my appeal that made them, reconsider may, the one who has been slapping him had a change of heart.

Now back to the reason why they came, they came looking for my Landlady's daughter and tagged her a criminal because she's an associate of Mr. Edirin Esiso, I later learnt, they broke all the keys to the doors in search of her.

Threatened her 74 Years old mother, ceased the phone of her mother's tenant, abused passersby. Was this necessary?

From observation, the tall police officer, was in constant communication someone from their office, asking that they geolocate Emjomafuvwe's mobile number, they repeatedly called her a criminal, as if she has been found guilty of a crime.

It seems like the Boss whom one of the police officer was communicating with had a hidden agenda, because I recall him telling the Boss over the phone,

"Sir, we've searched everywhere and she's not here and day is already breaking, people will start asking questions"

This aroused my curiosity and I was wondering, if they are doing something right, will they want to do it under the cover of darkness?

These officers upturned her room, in searching of what I don't know off, took her car key, carried her cheque books and land document and drove away with her car.

I later gathered that, these actions by these officer was because, Ejomafuvwe is closely associated with Mr. Edirin Esiso who is in an embitter family and legal battle with his brothers.

As at the time of this blogpost, we've not been able to meet and speak with both parties, but I observed that what members of the police force did was not right. You can carry out your duty without oppressing or abusing citizens, especially not at this fragile season of the #endsars one year memorial.

If the rumors are true, about some of the Elderly Esiso using the police to oppress and threaten the younger Esisos, then this is a sad reality. Shouldn't the police be fair and ensure equity and fairness?

Keep watching this space as we share, when we get more details.

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