Monday, 9 November 2020

3 Lesson I Learnt from Okere Prison.

Thank God say police nor beat this fresh man😒

At about 9:00AM, on the 9th of November, 2020, I was seating on the floor outside Okere Prison,  quietly receiving being called a foolish man, a spy with gun and a hoodlum at Okere Prison.

In-case you are wondering why?

Here's a short true life story.

I observed the road was unusually quiet, but then i saw cars parked and a Black Honda moving ahead, my intention was to breeze pass that road to Mciver and then go to Robert Road. Then the Honda turned right and i followed to a cul-de-sac, reversing, a lady selling stuff said, "Bros, No road"

At this point in trying to reverse, a familiar Officer came to me, "Off that car, give me the key"

"Officer..." This once familiar Officer was aggressive, I obeyed, turn off the car and gave him the keys, followed him to the boot where he drag a brownish old four legged stool and he sat, leaning on his rifle wrapped with red piece of cloth on the green painted wall, with is right hands dangling my keys.

Seating down, he said, "If dem send you come, we go know?"

"Send me come do wetin Oga?" i replied with irritation.

What followed next was torrents of insult and threats coming from all the other officer around.

This Young Yoruba ascent talking Commander stood up and two other officers followed and he came towards me raised his hand to hit me, "Oya seat down on the floor, you Criminal, we go shoot you here, this criminal"

"We go clear you today, Idiot, Today you don enter, you dey talk to my officer like that?" He screamed

It was nollywood playing out in my  very eyes, but this time i was the "Nkiru Sylvanus aka Ble-ble" in the movie.

I sat quietly on the floor listening to the silent voice in my head, saying Collins, don't say a word, Keep quiet. I obeyed till about 17 minutes or more, when i decided to disobey the voice and spoke out

"Oga, what can i do now, I need to go somewhere" Releasing those words from my mouth was like adding fuel to the already burning fire.

"Okay? we come from Lagos to come eat rice here abi? Dem tell you say my wife nor dey cook better food?"

"Na dat place you go seatdown today, If you open your mouth talk again, we go drag you for ground and nothing go happen, criminal, officer searcham, searcham na" he ordered one of the scrawny looking officer to search me

"Oga...", I raise my hand in an attempt to defend myself, shut-up was coming from every side, then i kept mute again.

The scrawny officer walked up to me, "carry your hand go up" and started searching me.

"Criminal, you see gun forhin bodi abi? your own don finish, na court we dey go so" the Commander asked and concluded.

"Gun keh?" I said, "seatdown, bootam if he dey stubborn" The commander said.
I was stunned, is this a joke, i kept saying in my mind.

I stopped talking or verbally demanding for my right, Yes, at this point, I knew i was wrong to drive through, but then is that enough reason to make this kind of outrageous allegations, that i was with gun, or label me a spy or a criminal? what kind of joke is this?

I kept wondering and asking myself, if these allegations gets to the court, and these officers where called as witness, would these officers around corroborate the Commander's allegation or speak the truth?

In all i kept quiet, maybe if i had opened my mouth to talk back, he would have found a reason to show off his strength by physically assaulting me, as he has threatened to do, "I go do you anything and nothing go happen." He continued cursing and puffing.

I had always thought it was only members of the defunct or disbanded SARS that says all these kind of careless threats, but as it turns out, it's a thing with "Nigerian Uniformed Men"

It's my hope that these lessons i learnt from the Nigeria Uniformed Men under the Commander and his boys, sent to bring Peace and Restore order to Nigeria Prisons Facility, Okere Warri, Delta State, after it was vandalized by hoodlums on the 22nd of October, 2020 is useful in the future.

1. Impunity and tendency to oppress is not only with SARS alone, it's with "EVERY and ANY" Nigeria uniform Men empowered with firearm.

2. Nigerian uniformed men joke with the lives of those they are supposed to protect.

I got a first hand experience today, hearing my chief oppressor in anger saying "Oga for Abuja, dey talk say, How I take be Commander, wey you neva kill anybody?" 

3. For Now, (Until our uniform men is properly reformed mentally and financially) When you're with any Nigerian Uniformed Man, and they are more than one or two, obey them to avoid being beaten up or rubbished and ensure that you don't panic so you can be observant. The mob mentality works very well with Nigerian uniform men.

My experience with Men of Nigerian Prison services, got me thinking about the latest news of giving guns to FRSC men. In my head, if these men can do this to me, won't some young and hot blooded FRSC officer do the same thing or worse?.

After about an hour, another officer, "Idiot and foolish man, beggam make you take your key reverse and go"

"Oga, nor vex, I sincerely nor know say d road was closed, I think say...abeg Oga nor vex, dem know me inside this facility, because, i dey bring teachers to come teach for the Adult school, so na just misunderstanding"

We've suffered enough from "Nigerian Uniform Men", It's my prayer you and I don't become victims when FRSC joins the rank when they finally get empowered with firearms.

PS : The school inside Okere prison, was destroyed by hoodlums. In the words of the principal, Collins Seven years work destroyed. When normalcy returns, we'll do something about it, you can send an email or whatsapp to or +2348030448215 if you'll like to be part of it.

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