Thursday, 26 April 2018

Living In Warri.

I am launching a new series, this is to showcase Warri in truth and in reality, not just from my keyboard but from you living in the city.
And, I need your help.
Living in Warri will profile people living in Warri about their living situation, adaptation, social life, dislikes and what they can share with us and the outside world.
In the next few months, I am hoping to profile five or more individuals and families living in Warri. Participation would not involve disclosing your income or financial details, or resident. 
Questions would include:
What are your favorite low budget activities in Warri?
Are you satisfied with your current living situation in Warri?
What lifestyle changes have you made to living in Warri?
What have you started doing that you were not doing before (Food, Social Activity, work life etc)?
What are your money-saving tips for living in Warri?
What are security tips for living in Warri?
Please email me if you are interested in participating. This is a great opportunity for people to share their stories about living in Warri.
I can't wait to hear from you.

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