Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Police Brutality Continues in Warri.

It was a sad day in Warri on the 28th of January, 2018. Members of the Nigeria Police Force took a young man life in the guise that he's a robber. This young man just came back from Church, made food and was about to begin eating, when he was dragged out from his house and shot to death.

The police on this fateful day was chasing a suspect whom they had shot and were following the blood trail, which didn't end at the house of the victim. The young man was not resisting arrest, neither was he trying to run, it begs me to wonder why he was killed in cold blood.

The officer responsible for this devilish act in his defense, said he wanted to shoot the leg of the lad, who obeyed him when he ordered him to lie down.
This trigger happy officer, obviously knew this lad was not the suspect, why? the lad had no injury before he was shot, secondly he was not resisting arrest or trying to run away, it was later gathered that the original suspect died of the sustained bullet injury.

The uncouth behaviour of the police did not just end with killing the young lad, but went ahead to detain the sisters of the young lad till the next day, who came to inquire why and demand for the corpse of their late brother.

We cannot have a #newwarri if the authority responsible for securing lives and property are the ones taking lives and property. It's obvious that nothing has been done in regards to the DPO Eyoh, extorting residents in Okere Okumagba B division by demanding for building materials for bail, when bail is supposed to be free.

The Nigeria police has claimed yet another life, we hope the officer that carried out this dastardly act is dishonourably discharged with is pension transfered to the family of the deceased young man and made to serve some time. This i hope serves as a deterrent to other trigger happy police officers.

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