Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Start Up Warri, an Expression of Powered People Innovation Hub.

Society has squeezed everyone in a terrible way of thinking; many people think that the quickest solution to make money is through paid employment, so parents sell their properties to train children through schools and graduate into a society that cannot provide the jobs. When they finally have a Job, only a small percentage gets to work in places where their creative genius is utilized.

Times have changed and if you don’t want to be molded into this terrible form of, graduate from school, get a job, retire and depend on a meagre pension, then visit now.

Beautiful things are happening in Warri, It’s time to dust your idea, rearrange your business plan and let's work on it together so we can make Warri the IT capital of Nigeria.

Start-Up Warri is a program designed to turn Warri into an Entrepreneurial City. We’ll Teach, Solve, Support and Mentor Individuals with entrepreneurial drive, passions and ideas. This program will encourage and support Individuals with business ideas. is for everyone, we want to offer you opportunities of another stream of income if you already have a paid job, if you don’t, help you bring your ideas to life, create employment and live a fulfilling life, If you are a student, hone your entrepreneurial ability and start a company right from school.

Start Up Warri is a good place to start learning, growing, teaching, mentoring, supporting and building your ideas. Hurry now and sign up.

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