Friday, 12 January 2018

DSIEC Election, 2018 Councillors and LGA Chairman's Election.

It’s certainly in the best interest of the dominant forces in Nigeria to let the status quo remain the same, they use it to control the rhetorics and remain the grand chess masters, to create an oversupply of compliant electorates.
Things are shifting and only rare electorates are observant and are willing to maximize the limitless opportunities that abounds that comes with the shift.
It’s barely a week after the LGA chairman and ward councillors election in Delta state, the dust is beginning to settle, we are all going back to the status quo and winners sworn in. Should I say winners, appointees, frauds or benefactor of a manipulated system?

Tell yourself the hard truth Nigerians are not ready for Change. We can’t keep having faulty elections with compliant electorates and expect things to change.
How can the winners or benefactors go to bed knowing that they are not the people’s choice? Nigeria's politicians has dead conscience, Oh yes, this is true, it’s the only explanation to why they make obnoxious policies and still sleep peacefully.

A few months ago, a local government chairman aspirant contacted us to run his social media campaign. After meeting with him, I realized that the client, has no plan, not for himself, the people or his tenure, it turned out that all he wanted from me was to lead a smear campaign against the incumbent, who he hopes loses the primaries.
I made a few suggestions and sighting examples, then his companion, who was much more older spoke up and said, Collins, “Dem don tell us for top say make we go sort ourselves for our LGA, matter don finish."

"Well sir, I will send you my brief, if it’s okay with you, we can proceed" and that was the end. I don’t know if he eventually got the party’s ticket, If he did I am sure he’ll be seating on the Chairman’s seat right now, this is someone without a manifesto or campaign plan, but with the blessing from the top.
The last Election Day was drama. Election did not hold in a certain LGA’s because, opposition party refused to allow adhoc staffs to go to polling units without results sheet to conduct the election, it was becoming a clash of supporters and as we know it, Delta state belongs to PDP, so you can guess who won the battle.

In another LGA, DSIEC office was razed down, In another election was held, but result was not announced as at when due because field result differs from that of DSIEC office result, in some LGAs it was smooth sailing.
Speaking with a DSIEC staff he said, and I quote “My brother, this election na jipiti, dem don buy everything finish, dis election na for the highest bidder. For example all the people wey their names come out to work as adhoc staffs na politicians relative or personal person, so that them go fit do racket, and our Oga don talk say dem nor go pay dem well since na the politicians pipo, make them pay their pipo.”

Listening to arguments from folks who were once friends, an aspirant who was the last councillor among the champions of the opposition party was being lampooned.
“Abeg go sleep, wetin you dey try do? Nor be wetin you do person last time naim dem dey do you na? When you be councillor dem do election for your time? Nor be your name wey dem put naim make you win?”
“Bros abeg wetin you mean?” I asked and he said, “abeg nor mind am, the last election, na owe dem hold e hand, na so the other person wey supposed win cry tire, na, wetin he do, naim dem doam na, he dey complain”

Lets cut the story short, If we must have the right leaders which is paramount to genuine change, we must become active and not compliant electorates. Get your PVC and protect your vote. As observed the umpire of elections can be compromised, but we can uncompromise their actions if we are not active and protect our votes.

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