Wednesday, 22 November 2017

WarriReview : A series profiling business organisations, religious bodies, festivals and events in the city.

I am excited to launch this series called "Review Warri" where we'll be profiling organisations and religious bodies, and offering recommendation over the next few months.
The goal is to showcase organisational strength, weakness and suggest how they can better serve families, residents and visitors living in Warri.

I have practically lived all my thirty-something years and I can boldly say, I have seen a fair share of the good, bad and the ugly of the city, especially from organisations in Warri.

When we profile organisations or religious bodies, I want to know:
a. Are they customer friendly?
b. Are their services or product efficient?
c. Are they connected to city?
d. Do people fee safe when they are there?
e. What is missing?
f. Recommendations and People opinion

Punching my keyboards, I realized that, this is not an easy task, It's a task that requires everyone in the city to make contributions, My suggestions or pain may not be same as yours, and we may not always see things through the same lens, this is what makes us special and this is why you reading this post is needed to yield fruit for this profiling.

The issues in Warri can only be resolved by people in Warri and one of the ways we can begin taking steps for progress is by actually highlighting these issues and talking about them.

We know that the government has roles to play, but we also know that we can't leave the solutions to the politicians alone to provide, private organisations and religious bodies has roles to play. I believe that we can have a new Warri and doing reviews about products and services is one of the solutions to the challenges in the city.

I want to show how people that our religious bodies, business organisations can play their part in making Warri better. I’ve got some reviews lined up, but I would love to hear from readers. If you would like to share your story or have reviews about any organisation, please contact me +2348114430561 or via twitter @azuike1

First instalment Delta Mall.

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