Tuesday, 7 November 2017

To be, or not to be?

To be, or not to be?

This happens to be Williams Shakespear most recognizable quote and a question Nigerians, home or abroad should answer. A lizard in Nigeria will not transform into an alligator in London. 
The kidnapping and death of Mr. Ian Squire a British optician missionary, is a huge minus, that could have be avoided. The victim was kidnapped alongside three other missionaries on the 13th of October, in Enekorogha and didn't make it out alive as a result of failing health and the terrible condition the abductors kept the missionaries.

Nigerians are good drumming support and showing solidarity for disaster half a world away, but quick to post, tweet about rejections, rain insults, coulda, woulda or shoulda when bad things happen in Nigeria. When it comes to issues of security, many Nigerians quickly sing praises of how safe and protected developed Nations are. 

We are not making any case, for workers of iniquity in Nigeria, security challenges in the west far outweighs that of Nigeria. 
A renown Nigeria comedian once posted on Instagram and a lady commented from Asaba Delta state saying "the only time she feels safe is when she's not in the shores of Nigeria."

Reading about the recent kidnapping and death of Mr. Squire I see Nigerians denying their heritage. It's sad that people feel this way about Nigeria and challenges of Boko haran in the North, Militants in the Niger region, corruption and numerous scandals are top among reasons for not wanting to be, but hey...

Bad things happen every where, not just in Nigeria, Warri or Delta state, just recently one Man killed 26 worshippers in a church, countless hurricane, earthquakes and tornadoes are ravishing the west. The news media in the West publishes only what they want us to see, but we on the other hand have become unpaid media staffs and content providers feeding facebook and other social media with free stuffs that makes them rich.
So here's newwarri's question, do you want to be a Nigerian or a Nigerat?
Do you want to protect or prey on Nigeria?

To be, or not to be?
Think about it and make your choice.

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