Thursday, 2 November 2017


One in hand, one at the back,
Looking pregnant, and carrying a pack.
This was the plight
In which, I, at morning light,
Found a particular young lady
Whose details I found considerably shady,
I stood with my mouth open
“Close your mouth”, someone said,
“Or you’ll find a fly in it soon!”

Quite young for her age, she was,
To be in that position.
I began to wonder from whence the fault was.
And so, I went about, searching for light
That could be shone on this sight
Which was quite damning, never mind endearing,
So unwelcoming, yet a norm, becoming.

Yes, the rate at which
Our young girls become “rich”
Not with their laurels and educational degrees,
But with their hastily acquired “PHDs”
I mean their “Pikin-Husband-Degrees”
The first easily gotten like honey attracts bees
And the second, not usually gotten with ease.
Away from my musing,
I was with my mouth agape,
As I stared at the lady.
A part of my mind was tending towards condemnation,
When another part popped the funny question:
“Could it have been rape?”
Thank God for rationality,
If it had been rape, would she have three?
Or should we say two-and-half?
If the first had been a mistake,
Were the others to be cast off?

The best thing to do,
Is to love them and not condemn.
Yes, mistakes happen
But the results are blessings too.

To the single mothers,
Do not keep quiet, be a sign of strength.
Serve as an example,
So the upcoming ones do not even attempt.
Remember the ostracism,
Recall the stigma.
Friends refused to roll with you,
Between you and peers grew a chasm.
Think on how your little boy, just five, about to start life,
Quickly learnt the bitter lessons of a non-fathered life.
Or how your beautiful twin girls, though not retards,
Came to ask you what people meant by calling them bastards!
Do not forget the pains of labour
Or shame when trying to curry favour
From a relative
Who did not, of you, seem receptive.

My brothers, do not treat the ladies as just jizz deposits
They are worth more than just receiving your essence.
Do not subject them to the tears, grief, and shudders
They will experience when they are given cold shoulders.

And to my young ladies out there,
Do not go looking for the wrong kind of care
When to yourself, you can be a dear
And live your life without fear.
For what would you tell a peer
When people start to jeer?
That you could not face the pain that sears
Which would be caused by the D and C tears?
Of course, you know that ain’t an option
As it would only lead to self-recrimination.
The results you’ll have to keep,
Because what you sow, you definitely reap.


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