Friday, 17 November 2017

Are you a Robert Mugabe in the oil city of Warri?

Robert Gabriel Mugabe has always been a fascinating political figure. He’s the world’s longest serving leader and has remained antagonistic to the west. This former Zimbabwe Prime Minister from 1980 to 1987, has chaired the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) group from 1975 to 1980 and the recent coup de tact led by Army Chief Constantino Chiwenga is threatening his reign.
Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe for nearly four decades, remains a controversial and divisive figure. This one time praised revolutionary hero of the African liberation struggle who helped to free Zimbabwe from British colonialism, imperialism, and white minority rule is now being derided as a dictator responsible for economic mismanagement, widespread corruption, anti-white racial discrimination, human rights abuses, suppression of political critics, and crimes against humanity and the recently added “sexual transmission of power” to Grace Mugabe or DisGrace or Gucci Grace.

Leaders of Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party are planning to meet and draft a resolution to dismiss President Robert Mugabe at the weekend and lay the ground for his impeachment next week if he refuses to stand down, as revealed by a senior party source.

The events that led to the military intervention followed the dismissal of former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa nicked name “the crocodile” who has been the anointed candidate to succeed Mugabe to clear way for Grace Mugabe whose rising political status, the people see as a continuation of the political dynasty of Robert Mugabe.
This post is not about Robert Mugabe or the Political Climate in Zimbabwe, it’s about how I have come to realize that a once reverend African could be disgraced from office because of his unwillingness to relinquish power and I foresee this happening in Warri in the nearest future as there have been people in Warri who are unwilling to use their power, influence and resources to make the city better.

Once in a discussion with the proprietor of A list restaurant in Warri Temple Grill, I was reminded that change won't come until the power players or the said big boys come into play and demand for change or be the change in Warri.

However the situation in Zimbabwe, The Military, Political Party or International organisations and community, Robert Gabriel Mugabe has a defining role to play if things must resolve peacefully. If he decides to go the Goodluck Jonathan way, fine and good if he chooses Col. Mmamar Ghadafi way, it will leave a bittersweet government because in the next regime there'll still be sympathizers and those loyal to him, which off course will not augur well for the government of the day.

While it's better for Mugabe to take the high road, It'll be much profitable and better for the supposed leaders and captains of industries to do same in Warri. As it has become obvious, we cannot leave the responsibility of a Sustainable Delta to politicians especially those in office alone, as they have not only proven their incompetence but also their selfishness. If we must have a newwarri, it means residents with or without means should step up on their civic responsibilities.
At the height of Boko haran and the continual bashing from President Buhari on President Goodluck Jonathan administration, especially with statements of knowing how to handle the dreaded terrorist, I derided the then APC presidential candidate on the ground that if you know the solution why not help the government instead of allowing innocent citizens to die? Must you be in power to save lives?

The solution to the saga in Zimbabwe is simple, Robert Mugabe should willingly step down as president, and this i think is the solution to having a newwarri. The Mugabe's of Warri should step down from their high horse and start getting involved in the process of change.

We understand that Senator Ovie Omoagege, James Manager represents a different region in Delta state and Otega Emerho is in APC, but if they both join forces to demand for street lights in the city Warri from Gov. Okowa's administration, obviously not primarily for themselves, I think something will be done to remedy the situation in Warri.

Back to the question Are you a Robert Mugabe in Warri? If you are not, then you should make it a pledge to do something daily for yourself that will bring about a newwarri.

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