Friday, 20 October 2017

Who can attend HackWarri?

You don’t have to be a tech person to attend hackwarri. Coding or Programming isn’t the only thing that will happen in HackWarri. A hackathon is an environment where you join a team of people to plan, design and develop a product, which could either be an App, Web app, game or website, within a short time.

In HackWarri we want to solve real problem in our city using skills and input from various participants of different backgrounds, we want to produce solutions that will ultimately help the City overcome a socio-economic problem.
Since we put out word for HackWarri, top among the list of FAQ are
  •  ...but I am not a tech person
  • How will I be useful in this kind of event?
  • Can I attend when I can’t code or program?
You do not have to be a programmer to participate or excel at hackwarri. Being a developer or programmer gives you an edge, but there’s more to HackWarri than just writing codes.

Developing an app or web app or building a website requires more than just coding or programming, yes you need developers but you also need graphic designers, researchers, content creators etc, in the case of HackWarri, you may just need somebody whose job is to keep the team spirit alive and see things different, or the guy with the magical ideas or the go to guy or the person that keeps everyone on the same page which might just be what makes all the difference.

If you have any idea how tech can make Warri better, don’t keep it to yourself register now and let’s develop a product for the city.
In a nutshell, who can attend #hackwarri?
  • Innovators
  • Solution providers
  • Graphic designers
  • Creatives
  • Writers
  • Programmers and Coders
  • Bloggers
  • Social media lovers
  • Social activist
  • Researchers
  • Every lover Warri etc
If you've complained about the registration fee, then you don't have any reason not to attend HackWarri, as the registration has already been taken care off, so all interested participant, have to just register online for the hackathon.

Prize money has also increased 
First Prize = 10,000
Second Prize = 7,000
Third Prize = 5,000
Amidst these goodnews, there's a slight discomforting news, we have limited space to occupy participants, so register now and don't miss out on this novel event in the city.

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