Thursday, 20 July 2017

What are your Predictions for Game of thrones?

The first episode of season seven of sensational TV series Game of thrones started last week Sunday. There was no better way to introduce season than Arya Stark. Well done.

Please feel free to share your opinion and prediction as the series progress. Here are a few amazing opinions from super fan;

My dearest #GameofThrones fans, that scene in which Sandor Clegane (Rory McCann) received a prophecy is like AfricaMagic Yoruba. Like wah!
Daenerys has become a superpower in Westeros. Dothraki, Unsullied, Tyrells, Ellaria, the Sand Snakes,and the younger Greyjoys

If the drama depends on conflict, then an overpowered player endangers the series’ suspense. Daenerys has to show weakness.

We need to believe that Daenerys can be defeated. At the moment her three dragons and, Unsullied, Dothraki has given her too much advantage over her main opposition, Queen Cersei, and for the twist to be convincing, at least one of dragon must die.

A character like Cersei isn't a fool and she has a lot of spies. using them she could kill Dany and make her team weak, who knows.
The Lanisters may be completely wiped out even the dwarf by Dany, as Ned Stark was taken out at the very first season, only the writers knows where they intent to twist it to and Sansa Stark takes up her over ambitious roles. Both Cersei and Sansa has a big and abnormal protectors.

Sansa Stark obviously admired Cersei and could become calculatively ruthless. She already knew what little finger wants, but act ignorant about it.

Jon’s lineage, if revealed, could counter Daenerys claim to the iron throne, so a new family enemy loading.

With the progression of the movie, Jon Stark would totally land a dragon and continue the fight on foot, rather than safely spewing fire from above.

Why do I feel Jon Snow can speak dragon too?
We’re not done with ways for dragons to die. If confrontation fails, there’s always sorcery, stealth, and poison. Perhaps Sam will stumble across the key to killing dragons in his studies at the Citadel.

“Ice” and “Fire” suggests a new duo = either an incestuous family between Jon and Dany, (Incest which the writers some what had no issue with the Kingslayer and Cersei) or a showdown between dragons whose temperatures sit at opposing extremes.

On the other hand a combo of Jon and Dany gives them too much advantage over the other family, except they are coming together to fight against the white walkers.
We know that victory can’t come until 2018, which means it’s too soon for Daenerys to run the table. Plenty still to come.

And in light of that timing, it might not be the best omen that all Dany's dragons are all named after dead relatives. #GameOfThrones.

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