Thursday, 1 June 2017

Komasi is finally out.

This will surely get you nodding and bouncing. 

You like me can attest to the incomparable God that we serve. All over the world, there is no one like him. 

This song uses simple lyrics to express how distinct our God is though we were so undeserving. 
When you hear the song, you'd picture the exceptionalism of our God.

The song has a smooth and sweet melody that is sure to get you dancing. 
This is a good listen for anyone. Add to your worship play list and enjoy God!


Produced by SpunkyRay


KOMASI (Lyrics)

Agama Para Hallelujah Para eh
I will lift my Jesus high high eh
And I will give him all the glory
Cuz my mouth no fit talk all the things wey you do for me yeah eh
I see your handworks all around me
When I look at the stars and the sun and moon
The mountains, the fishes and beautiful flowers too
I'm lost in the wonders of the things you do yeah eh

You're Marvelous You're Marvelous
You're Wonderful and Glorious *2 (Lord Almighty)

I have searched all over
I couldn't find nobody
I've looked all around me 
I cannot find somebody

Komasi Komasi Komasi oh There is no one like you *2
Eledumare komasi Onyedikagi oh There is no one like you
Komasi Komasi Komasi oh Jehovah you are God oh

I see the Angels all adore thee (ha, dem teriba)
And the hosts of Heaven they praise your name saying (eh, dem rababa)
Holy Holy Is the Lamb of God (ah, Alaye mi ni)
And we join in worship to lift your name high
Alagbada ina eh Jehovah Talk and Do
Jesu mimo mimo eh You be Overdo
I'm down on my knees I see your miracles everywhere
I will give you praise there's no one like you God eh

You're Marvelous You're Marvelous (marvelous God)
You're Wonderful and Glorious (Glorious Daddy yeee)
You're Marvelous You're Marvelous 
You're Wonderful and Glorious 

Komasi Komasi Komasi oh There is no one like you *2
Eledumare komasi Obanla  There is no one like you
Onyedika Chukwu nna meh Komasi oh...

Atoga ju, atole ju, atoda ju
He's Jehovah God strong and Mighty
Captain of the hosts. His word is Yeah and Amen
You are God alone. Agbanilagbatan oh Chukwu nnameh 
Ebubedike nagha  only you be God oh
I say O Baba  na only you be God oh (Kile ole se Baba talon da bi re Jesu baba loke)

Komasi oh Komasi oh Komasi ye Komasi ye *2

You are God Alone, You alone art God *2

There ain't nobody ain't nobody ain't nobody 
There ain't nobody    (Tongues)

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