Monday, 12 June 2017

Issues In Warri Vol. 1.

Keke as the most utilized medium of transportation in warri is a terrible system. The extreme stress that commuters experience is not palatable.
This system shuts down when nature cries and the 10:00PM curfew has helped in crippling the night life of Warri.

The atrocities that has been committed especially robbery through Keke keeps soaring by the day and yet it's has successfully relegated regular buses to the backseat in Warri transportation landscape.
It's our heart desire that an alternate transport system is developed that will ease the transportation burden on the over 300,000 commuters in Warri.

The old, the sick, pregnant ladies, mothers with children and business people with loads that don't have the luxury of a private car yet, suffer the more during these period. 

From NPA to Warri Garage, Enerhen Junction to Udu road, Airport Junction to Jakpa Junction etc. All major junctions are crowded with stranded passengers, which creates another crisis.
These crisis already exist but are heightened when nature cries especially in the evening. Theft and insecurity and exploitation or price increment from the few angry and impatient bus drivers working in the rain.

It's sensitivity for state and local government Udu, Warri South and Uvwie to have a seat down with the transport stakeholders and develop a solution to this challenge especially in this rainy season.
It will be insensitive to pay a deaf ear to this cry and expect reelection during election without any backlash.

We hope that our leaders come to understand that they are there to serve and not be served and this challenge is an opportunity to serve and show commitment to the people's challenges and not the collective resources of the people.

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