Friday, 12 May 2017

My Warri in Progress.

My Warri, the original "Wafftown"!

Can you see a richly blessed city, endowed with the finest talents? 

Resources and productivity,  "na we get am".

How far we've come and evolved as a people and to all we will become, " na God dey run am". 

They say we are rugged, but our true strength is in our hustle. 

We can't be dull when we were born to do great things. 

We are so original.  You can fake it, claim it or even try to copy it. But if e nor be "waffi", e nor fit be "Waffi"
We are a blessed city. 

Look at the greenish land mass and the weather so bright.

Look at the very warm and friendly people. 

Look at us going out to dominate industries. 

Look at us making giant strides. 

Even with our diversity, look at us coexisting blissfully.

What's not to love about Warri? The food? Oh! don't get me started, we could talk on that all year long.

We have strong beliefs and values.
We have people who value each other, a people of honesty, compassion and positive drive.

We have friendships, peace,  love and brotherhood, but we are not perfect. 

Just like most cities, there are concerns. 

Concerns of ample water & electricity supplies, best medical care, security, good transportation and roads, schools, colleges, banks, security, Good governance,  e.t.c.

But these do not define us.
We have a solid history, a highly productive present,  and oh the future, the future is so great. 

I dream of a land thriving in peace, productivity, resources and so much more.

I dream of an all inclusive city, with good governance and working social amenities. 

I dream everyday and I'll keep dreaming. 
But if we do not match words with actions, if we do not speak up and be the change we want to see,  all the beauty of this wonderful city will be destroyed in front of our eyes, and my (our dreams) will remain in dreams only!

God bless you.

God bless Warri, the Land of my birth.

God bless Nigeria. 

Vwairhe Ofigo (A Proud Waffarian).

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