Friday, 5 May 2017

Celebrating Warri.

Life's not fair because Man is not and that my friend is one simple reason why bad news is good news. Bad news does not only burn like wildfire, it spreads at the speed of light and any place or person that becomes victim of bad news from mistakes or selfish actions needs not just time to repair the damage but strategic actions to douse the effects of the reports.

Warri has had its fair share of bad news in time past, some of which are factual and a good percentage blatant lies and even when the truth is discovered media don't often go back to retract or make a counter reports because they don't want to lose not just their reputation but time and money. New media (Social networks) has not only amplified the spread of information it has also revealed that the press are not the only ones guilty of enjoying the perks that comes with being the revealer of news especially bad news. We bask in the likes, retweets, comments, shares, follows etc because somewhere in every man is the deep and silent crave for stardom.
Our world today has produced celebrities without portfolios, sometimes I wonder how a sextape can translate someone into a global celebrity, while the partner with a musical portfolio still struggles for recognition. Today's not the day for the many random thoughts in my head, but a day to celebrate one of Nigeria's underrated city, Warri.

Only a few people know that the city people are not only amenable but very peaceful. Warri is a town blessed not just with natural resources but very resourceful and entrepreneurial individuals and despite the throngs of negative stories, there's always somewhere in every Nigerian that wants to associate with Warri, this may seem debatable, but you will agree with me that the "Warri thing" was a huge contributing factor for Efe, winning Big Brother Nigeria 2017.
The misconceptions about this city are the ones the government has pushed out and has repeatedly blessed celebrities pocket. While the government drinks from her black liquid, entertainers (Comedians) use her as a resource center. I'll not be far from the truth to say the city of Warri is Nigeria's school of comedy.

So what can we celebrate about Warri?
From individuals doing great things to amazing places bursting to live, the list is endless.
Do you know that Warri has Two Cinemas? Genesis Deluxe and Light house Cinema. It may interest you to know that only a few cities in Nigeria can boast of one.
Do you know that Warri can boast of Three Standard shopping centres?
From Gemstones with online delivery of pizza, Lee Oasis and The biggest being Delta Mall with stores like Levi, PEP, Shoprite and a host of others. It will also interest you to know that the base of one Nigeria's online store WarriShop is in Warri.

Do you know that Warri has a good number of Standard Night Clubs. You'd be surprised when you visit any of them. A visitor who came to see his fiancee was invited to the opening of a new spot called Temple Grill on February 14th, when he left the event he said he's the new son of Zeus. (lol)

Do you know that citizens of Warri are Proactive?
For example they are taking up the challenge of cleaning up the city in a deliberate and strategic way. Check out @cleanwarri on social media and you'd be surprised.

Do you know that there are two yearly marathon in Warri?
Warri Peace Marathon and Warricentric 5 Kilometre Run. See one done already this year.Warricentric 5 Kilometres Run.
Do you know that the last Thursday in every month there's a spoken word and music event? this event is organised for free by Nyimarr.

Do you know that the city has over 5 A list hotels?
GT Maine, Protea Hotel, Best Western Plus Wetland Hotel, Kayriot Hotels and Suites, Peemos Place. The Mulberry Hotel, Wellington Hotel, Golden Tullip and more.

Do you know that there's a functional airport that's a stone throw from the city? (Esombi Airport)

Do you know that Warri has two city library?
One in Effurun and the other at Robert Road.
Here's just a few things worth celebrating in Warri and not what many has made it seem.
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