Sunday, 9 April 2017

Singularity of Purpose.

What if we can collectively speak up or be proactive like we did for Efe in Big Brother Nigeria 2017 edition? Nigeria is filled with so many wonderful opportunities, that only few smart people see and maximize. The just concluded Big Brother Nigeria, exposed us to so many possibilities if we can but only come together.
I had initially had issue with the show being hosted in South Africa when it was tagged Big Brother Nigeria, It was okay if it’s Big Brother Africa, but why take a Nigerian thing to South Africa? But then it occurred to me, that the organizer of the show is not just a brand in Nigeria, but a widely accepted brand in Africa and they are also a business entity, which means profit before anything else, and I think they also expressed that by not spending part of their profit in buying air tickets and hotel bills for the evicted housemates to come be in the finale in South Africa, but hosted them to watch from a central location in Nigeria.
There’s a business lesson to learn from this action from the show organizer and I think we all should start looking and evaluating just about anything from a business perspective.

Anything is possible if we put our heart to it, ask many of the die hard supporters of Efe, why they are not just voting for Efe, but spending thousands of naira to sponsor people to vote for him and they may not be able to give an intelligent answer, trust me intelligent answer or not, they had a single purpose and that is for Efe to win the money.

“We The People” is the fourth estate of the realm and we are the biggest and supposed to be the strongest, but we are yet to come to a place where we start using our voice collectively for change. The week before the shows finale, 11 million people voted and on the finale week 26 million people voted, that’s a record breaker according to show’s host Ebuka.
This statistics exposed us all to great opportunity to change loads of things in Nigeria if we can collectively identify major challenges in our society and tackle it, like Pastor Tobore Adakaraza of Salt City church rightly said in his tweets we can use the idea behind this voting pattern to change and build things in Nigeria, it’s a unique source of crowd funding that we can utilize to bring effective and lasting change.
People gathered in public spaces e.g. at Estate roundabout, Urhobo college etc in Warri to campaign for Efe, shirts where sold, banners strung up, we can also use this pattern for other positive projects in Warri and around Nigeria, e.g. to support project #CleanWarri send CleanWarri to 21081, vote cost fifty naira, trust me, you will be supporting a worthy cause and indirectly be paying the salaries of the street cleaners or sweepers that will be cleaning Warri.
We are so glad the Big Brother Nigeria show 2017, has helped drag the right attention to Warri through its Winner, but this is the right time for us to focus momentum on projects and activities that will amplify the uniqueness of Warri and at the moment one of such projects is #CleanWarri. Please check it out to know more about the project and volunteer.
On Saturday, 22nd of April, the CleanWarri team will be campaigning for a CleanWarri by holding placards and sharing handbills at strategic locations around the city. We hope that you join us and let’s keep our city clean.

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