Friday, 21 April 2017

Push by Wayne Samuel

The first time I heard Wayne Samuel, was at one of Nyimarr's event.
I was wowed with the symmetry and rich words from his poem that made every line worthy of rethinking.

This lyrical poem explore the unique similarities between child birth, dreams and goals. It detailed responsibilities one has to perform during child birth and after child birth as it's synonymous with achieving any worthy dream.

That the water of a pregnant woman broke doesn't mean the baby will fallout without pushing. This poem spoke to anyone with dream to be ready to put in the late nights. "You gonna wish that the enterprise grows instantly."

#Push concluded with a call for patience as against our fast paced generation world, every worthy dream will demand and consume time.

Here's a link to enjoy #Push for free.
Happy listening.

Collins Azuike
Lead Partner #newwari

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