Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Procrastinator

If there’s anything that drains your life with your consent, then it’s procrastination.
You know you have to cut down those grasses, make the drainage flow, fix your broken mosquito nets or get a new trash can, to reduce mosquitoes terrorizing you and your family.
You know you’ve got to fix that shoe, amend your pant for the interview or iron now that there’s PHCN power, but you didn’t.

You’re aware that supervisors are coming this month and you have to prepare your lesson notes as a teacher, but couldn't stop procrastinating until supervisors came, and you received a querry letter, your child has fallen sick, went late to the interview and couldn't even make it in.

On Tuesday the 14 of March, 2017, I felt embarrassed, during the individual shoot, for #WhyIWantACleanWarri. After our time at Kpoko Fm, on the 11th of February, Uncle Teajay was sharing so many brilliant ideas and from that day, I should have prepared myself for the video shoot, but guess what I did nothing.

I allowed reality smacked me on my face to remind me that I'm no Wole Soyinka. I had always thought it would be a piece of cake.

Have you ever been in this kind of situation? Maybe not necessary any of the above mentioned cases, but have thought that thing was a piece of cake and you will just run through it?
Are you among the huge number that thinks that Project #CleanWarri is a Piece of Cake or that there’ll always be time to be a part of it?

Are you always among the many who has said, “When I Get Money” i go fix the environmental palaver for my community?

Truth, is there’s no better time to do anything but now. Our parents, I believed had hoped on hope to tackle the challenges of the blooming dirty empire in our city, reality, shows they all failed woefully.

A good percentage of young people today are already in this same bandwagon procrastinating when we could actually do something about it by Signing Up for project #CleanWarri, or making donations in any capacity, if you can’t be physically available.

Do not underestimate what your presence can do or the effect of your little donations, it can just buy a hand sanitizer or a bag of cold water. Don't seat on the fence, come onboard.

On the 25th of March, 2015 Members and Volunteers of Project #CleanWarri in partnership with a few churches will simultaneously go to ten different locations selected among the three LGA's that make up the city, for clean up and sensitization exercise. 

If you are reading this, don’t be left out, don’t procrastinate. Do what you can and let’s collectively save our city and posterity will remember you and me.

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