Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Respect My Hustle.

My pipo I dey inside Keke this evening naim one guy wey both of us hustle for dat sawmill under Udu bridge. D guy jux dey para base on say dem dey on strike.

I be like, sawmill una dey strike too? Bet I think say na only duckitors or teachers like our delta state teachers kpafuka for ground etc, naim dey go on strike.
You see nor eva, look down on any hustle wey any persin dey do, befor I continue my tori, make I jux quickly drop dis one first.

To write or talk for pidgin nor be beans as many pipo dey tinkam. I don write like two or three articles wit pidgin english, but I hear shege wen Mr. Chima Ngozi invite me come @kpoko1005fm to cum yan, based on project @cleanwarri.
My pipo, if u dey house dey hear me for radio u go fit think say I dey form, truth be say I dey struggle to speak pidgin, I dey go off and on key anyhow.

Wen I cum out d studio I hail my guys wey nor jux dey hustle for the ogbonge station but dey make pipo jollificate. I inhail you @funnymouthtalking, @bigboldbeautifuljenny and @theacademicmentor_

Dis life eh, nor be as many pipo tinkam, you fit dey see persin dey do sumthin, you go feel say you go fit runam pass d persin, my broda tryam first, na dat time you go know sey "egba-ro-ghene" (na God get power). e.g Sometimes wey i see @mr.jollof_ post for Instagram, I go laff bcos i know wetin dey. Dis e langua wey e take dey inspire and encourage pipo tru e short pidgin english video and posts wey turnam to the latest sensation, nor be moi-moi. Dat na gift and e own #doingz be dat. If you be doubting Tomas, tryam (@mr.jollof_ @cleanwarri still dey wait make you report progress ooO)

Make I go back to my tori, so my former sawmill colleague dey para base on d down tools for d sawmill for the yard.

So i cum ask wetin dey shele, he say na d sawmill owners first reduce d number of working days, that was originally from Monday to Saturday 2PM, to Monday to Thursdays, dis reduction automatically affect their take home, so dem cum tell/beg d owners make dem increase d pay, so dat dem go fit dey go home wit beta thing but the owners dem nor gree.

I cum askam say how much per a log of wood?, himsef nor know how dem dey calculate d payment, but based on say I hustle two weeks for there, I know sey on a very good weekend, depending your position and kind of work, from 5k or more, plus your daily one hundred and fifty naira for food and transport.

My guy dey vex say, the sawmill owners  nor jux only reduce working days automatically cutting their take home alala, dey also reduce the one hundred and fifty naira for food and tfair.

My pipo, dis mata, based on sey na two guys don confirm d gist na, but I still like to hear from d other side of the coin, the owners, becox dem fit dey spend plenty money on workers payment and dat go dey affect their own profit.

Every bizness persin dey do bizness to make profit, so dem fit don reasonam sey make take sumall thing comot from workers pay so dat dem fit dey get beta profit, dis na jux my thinking, bet I dey sure say profit naim dey motivate dis kasala.
If wetin my two guys tell na me true, base on sey d owners don go carray  army come the sawmill sey if who nor wan work make e nor enta d yard, dat one bad nor be small, bcox wetin dem mean be say, workers nor get right to protest, workers na their slave?

We dey inside democracy, dey demselves dey complain sey government bad, bet na wetin government dey do naim dem dey practice.

I nor believe sey oppression dey inside our DNA, I know sey we as Nigerians we nor jux be happy pipo, we be good pipo and pipo of Warri too gbaski.

I hope dat d councillor of d ward, House of Assembly member of that constituency and LGA chairman look into the matter and resolve it amicably, becux dat sawmill na sum family only livelihood.

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