Thursday, 2 February 2017

Project Clean Warri Begins at Airport Junction.

On the 28th of January 2017 marked the beginning of series of collaborative activities for project #CleanWarri. I had thought that the clean up exercise at Airport junction would be a piece of cake, but getting there with only three of us present, I was getting discouraged, until the gang started showing up. There’s no limit to what we can achieve if we can all come together. By 9:30AM Airport junction was different from what it was before our arrival, swept, tidy and clean.

Solomon Abe (AFEs), Buchi Ofulue (Compos-Mentis), FunnyMouth (Kpoko FM), Mr. Anthony, Olarewaju Jude (WarriShop), Mr. Harriman (Desopadec) and the only Lady among us, Zee of Zitu concept, Collins Azuike (NewWarri), showed up to help cut grass, pick/gather dirt and burn,# and sweep around the roundabout.
It is atrocious that a sane person will deliberately go to a major roundabout as Airport junction and dump their domestic waste. Sixty percent of the dirt that was gathered and burnt where from houses of residents and very saddening that by Monday after the clean up exercise on Saturday, some people are already throwing dirt on the roundabout. Cleanliness is not a matter of instinct; its matters of education, and like most great things we must cultivate a taste for it, residents must be enlightened and only through strategic education and continuous campaign, do we stand a chance of building a culture of cleanliness and hygiene.

I cannot highlight all the shortcomings of the government, but poor waste management and environmental challenge is chief among the lot. One will expect that on the first environmental sanitation day of 2017, environmental officer will come early to discharge their duties, but that was not the case, they came late, blocked all routes, caused hold ups and allowed the matured defaulters to go about their business and sent teenage defaulters to assist us as punishment, which off course we turned down and sent them on their way, why? What’s good for the goose is also good for the ganders.
Let’s make Warri cleaner and greener, government alone will not be able to make Warri clean. The task of achieving a clean Warri is huge, but not impossible, we need all the help we can get "Make Warri nor go decay for our hand." We’ll be glad to have you join us in project #CleanWarri.

You can reach us anytime and any day to indicate interest, show support or your thoughts on how we can build a #CleanWarri in a #newwarri.
Twiter: @cleanwarri
Facebook: cleanwarri
Mobile: 08030448215

You can join us easily by clicking this Volunteer Sign Up Form for Project Clean Warri.

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