Thursday, 2 February 2017

My City, My Responsibility. #CleanWarri

Have you ever been in a public place like in a bus, newspaper stand, keke etc with complete strangers or among foes and a conversation or argument ensued concerning the shortcomings of our government? Have you thought about how we “always quickly develop a kindred spirit”. We always, all come to general conclusions that if the government has done well, our lives, city or families would be better than what it is right now.
One thing that is always fairly large among every of this scenario is how we are always the victims of the government, how our schools or public infrastructures could rival that of the west based on our economic resources or how the government has continued to falter in their responsibilities to the environment, but never have we agreed that some of our daily actions is villainous to not just the economy, social and political life of our city, but also our environment.

Our grand children may one day wake up to see that the earth is self destructing, if we don’t strap our booths and clean our city. Warri didn’t come to us, we all either by birth or migration came to Warri, so it’s our responsibility to maintain its existence for future generations to come, not the government alone.  Yes the government have their roles to play, but every resident and organisation is the custodian of the city. Its little consistent drops of water that makes a mighty ocean, not drops of water. One clean habit practiced consistently may seem little, but in time speak volume.

This reminds of a popular story about a Man, who one day, was at the bank of a sea that washed up thousands of seashells, the man bent down and was picking and throwing the seashells back to the water and another man, who had been watching him for some time, walked up to the man and asked if he’s aware that the washed up seashells could be over hundreds of thousand and what difference will his little action make to all the seashells? The man, who seem to be ignoring him and had been bending and throwing, rose up with a shell in his hand, pointed it towards the other man and said, it sure made a difference to this one and tossed it into the water and continued. You may think that your little actions may not make any difference, but it sure makes impact in your little space. Think about it, if you have more of you around Warri?

For as long as we remain in this city, Warri is our responsibility to maintain, let’s clean it up, “Make e for nor go decay for our hand”.
Your responsibility is not only to clean your surroundings, but join in the campaign for a Clean Warri anyway you can. It’s your responsibility to recruit people into this campaign and stop anyone who’s being mean to the city by littering or illegal dumping.

Sign Up for "My City, My Responsibility" by clicking this Volunteer Sign Up Form for Project Clean Warri and let's achieve a #CleanWarri together.

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