Wednesday, 11 January 2017

WeeklyPills: Are You Planting Flowers?

They say sleep is nice; it makes you forget everything for a little while, but what if you cannot sleep, because the weight of responsibility took it away?
It was supposed to be one of those event where I keep my promise, zap in, zap out, but somehow, I sat down and then, he was introduced and he talked briefly about,, meeting with Bill Gates and turning down offer to work in Microsoft as a software engineer. I googled him and discovered, he was just a little over twenty and was amazed at what he’s trying to achieve with slatecube and I asked myself, what have I been doing with my life?

Many of us has paths set before us and a whole bunch of us, still struggling to find a path to walk in, as for me, I am doing my very best to shape the path I have designed for myself, yet the weight of the responsibility ahead scares me. The thoughts and assumption you make about people is one sure way to know the degree at which, your environment has influenced your thought patterns. When I first saw Chris Kwekowe Co founder Slatecube seating with the CEO of Warrishop, I thought he was one of the support staff for the event, simply because of the way he was dressed and I was amazed how many people I may have dismissed, because my Warri has conditioned me to formulate baseless assumptions about people. Warri is replete with young people trying to find their path and walk in it, yet saturated with adults who don’t know their paths, who doesn’t want to know or knows what they should be doing but has given up with little or no reason and would rather drift through life hoping on hope, than take the courage to walk in their path.

It was Howe Gordie that said “You find that you have peace of mind and can enjoy yourself, get more sleep, and rest when you know that it was a one hundred percent effort that you gave - win or lose.” 2017 is here and many of us in Warri are yet to start putting their very best foot forward, but we’d rather give our best to activities that has zero impact in our lives and be surprised at the results we get by December 2017.

My big brother recently shared a very interesting story about two mouse that were discussing about what they will see 2017, and one said , “2017 is a year I’m gonna see a lot of beautiful flowers” and the other asked “why are you going to see flowers?” And he replied and said, “because I am planting flowers now.” 2017 may end the way 2016 ended if we do not pick the hoe, cutlass, manure, rake etc to plant the flowers we desire to see in our lives and our city Warri, I have come to realized that, no time is too late to begin the right thing.

The trepidation I feel, reflecting on the consequences of our actions on our lives and city will not hang in the air forever, but will someday fall upon us. This makes me want to be more and do more, for myself and the city. Who knows maybe my little efforts, may save a young lad tomorrow.

Here’s my challenge to you this week, Mas Fuego (More Fire) in your path, If you’ve not found yours, put in your best to discover it and if you’ve given up or about to, go back and pick it up, hold on and stay strong, you’d be surprise at the support system you will meet on your journey up.
Have a great week and see you next week.
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