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8 Cell Phone ethics we should practice in Warri.

It was on CNN, that I first saw a WiFi doorbell that’s connected to mobile phone. When someone visits, he/she presses the doorbell and it connects to your mobile phone and you can see and communicate with the person through a video call via the doorbell and your phone. Technology keeps pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations every day, but with every progress made, there’s always a cost.

In Warri today, smartphones has become a must for everyone, teenagers and adults alike, for someone like me that use mobile phone for blogging and and WiFi, it has become essential to have for work and study and also for school, and socialize.
There was a business that I was doing with a senior partner, one client specifically did not make payment, because my senior partner called him over ten times, because he wants to verify if he’s still interested, that’s what he could have sent an SMS for. He called me in anger and said, I have been calling and calling Mr. A. over ten times and he didn’t pick nor returned my call. ‘’Ah, Bros, you callam reach 10 times?, calling him that number of times, is scary if I was him, I would back out of the deal was my response’’. Now one will think he has learnt his lesson, but no, he still does it, over and over again, calling people more than twice, for information he can simply relay through a text.
The gains of mobile advancement, far outweighs the pains but this does not mean that many has not been burnt or finding it difficult to cope, understand and practice the right etiquette for using a mobile phone. Here’s a few from Newwarri

1.   Respect People and their Privacy.
You may be older or be father, mother or spouse does not give you the right to call and call. I think after calling twice and the recipient does not pick up, send a text relaying your message. You probably do not know what the person is doing or if he’s deliberately ignoring your call. Many people find it offensive and irritating.

2.   Use an Earpiece or turn down the volume when playing game or video in a public place.
This can be very distracting, and for some people with specific health challenges, it’s unhealthy.

3.   Keep your distance when taking calls.
I find it irritating when people take irrelevant calls in public, often times having private discussions or irrelevant conversations. Sometimes I deliberately plug in my earpiece and drown myself in music. If you can’t distance yourself because in you are in an enclosed place, tell the person you’ll call back. Do not force people to gulp in your conversation.

4.   When using someone else phone, don’t go through their stuff without their permission.
Our mobile phone has become so integral to our lives that we store and keep varieties of stuffs both private and public inside it, because it’s always with us and we can recourse to it, when in need of any information. Information is power stumbling into private information can make or break any relationship; you do not want to be the breaker of relationship or the gateway to offence. (Luke 17:1-3)

5.   Don’t do the following Important Things through the Phone.
a.   Break up via text message
b.   Make huge financial agreement over the phone without a proper seat-down.
c.   Don’t propose.
d.   Don’t give bad news.
e.   Don’t threaten or use vile words etc
For some of us, our mobile phone has become a source of pain, we smash and destroy our phones and spending unnecessarily in this Buhari Regime (LOL) learn to use the delete or block button in your contacts or unfollow and mute button on Facebook and Twitter.
Ignorance is a major disease that needs to be wiped out in Warri, any crappy stuffs trends in Warri, Just the way I find it irritating for a young lady wearing bathroom slippers embellished with fancy wool or house sleepers on the street, so also I consider any who has turned social media to their diary.
‘’I just lost my wife, or Dad,''
‘’Please pray for me I am sick’’ (With pictures of them on drip or hospital bed)
#SelfCrush# (Who in this world truly hates himself? using hashtag that they don’t know how it works)
Lately the unfollow and mute button has come handy on social media, we remain friends, but I don’t get to see your garbage anymore.

6.   Don’t use speakerphone in public or talk loudly.
If it’s an older person using a speaker phone for a two person conversation or talking out aloud, then it’s understandable, but for young people shouting on top their voice is unacceptable.

7.   Put off your phone when:
Ideally when doing any of the following e.g. Meeting, Having a meal or Dinner, or going on a date, or visiting etc you should put off your phone, so you can have optimum concentration.
You can take permission, if you are expecting a very important call, many find it disrespectful and draw a line for you, when you keep taking calls and texting while with them. What’s supposed to keep us close has today, created a chasm and helped built a ladder of pain and regrets, by first creating bondless relationship with virtuality.

8.   Do not use your mobile phone in the following places.
a.   Theatre, Cinema or Movies
b.   In the Bathroom or Toilet
c.   Inside Public Facilities e.g. Keke or Bus
d.   Lectures
e.   Library
f.     Place of Worship
g.   Airplane etc
I hear someone saying ‘’for wetin, I nor go take picture for inside aerooplanee’’ (LOL) well that’s why you have flight mode feature.

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