Friday, 9 December 2016

Warri Stakeholders Meeting

On the 3rd of December, 2016, we had both the old and the young who has made the choice to work for a #newwarri seat-down to deliberate on change. If anything in Warri will change, then, there must be a deliberate team of people who must bear the burden and work out the change.
It was a gathering of Pastors, Photographer, Bankers, Engineers, Sales Executives, Motivational Speakers, Radio Personalities (OAP), Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Legal practitioners, Civil Servants etc with one single goal in mind, a better Warri.

One thing everyone in the meeting unanimously agreed on was that our city needs to change and we must strive to change the mediocre mindset, I don’t care attitude and know-know syndrome ravaging the city. Every stakeholder should strive to educate and create platforms for exposure in their own circle within the city.

The challenges that plagues Warri ranges from ignorance, lack of exposure, failure to call government authorities to questions, terrible customer services, dirts, flooding, poor road networks, lack of regard for time, unhealthy cultures and values etc.

Experience has taught everyone present that talk is cheap, genuine and lasting change survives on building a well defined culture that each of the stakeholders should live, preach and teach, measure and has the potentials to attract rewards not just to themselves but the Warri itself.

Bringing the meeting to a close, all stakeholders present agreed to #CleanWarri Project.

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