Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Hunger in Warri.

Seating inside Etalon’s new office at AFE Studios, a friend asked “Collins, What makes you happy?” I looked at her, surprised at the question and stunned that there was no immediate answer for a life basic question.
I slumped back into my chair, thought about it for a while and shook my head as all the first thoughts that came to mind e.g. Religion, Relationship, Family, Money, Friends, Food etc all seem mundane. The logical response that I could muster was the pursuit of my desired goals and I said to her, “People always say, Collins, when you finally get the things you really want, that you've assumed will make you happy, you'll still not be happy, but I want to experience my desires and be the judge.”

Going home after work, inside a keke at about 7:00PM with a Man and advance lady, an argument ensued, The Keke driver who has lamenting, then screamed at a young lad in between ten years old, still hawking pure water at that time of the day.

“U nor go, go house? Abi nyt norwa cum for yor eye, wen I jam U na, ur eye go klear?” The advanced lady replied him with such sureness and without remorse,

“Abeg livam alone, na bcos of Men wey nor know their Job naim dey make young children dey hawk, I be teacher and I know wetin I dey see for school most of the time. My Mama say, My Mama say, naim student dey always dey talk, you go hardly hear My Papa say”

And the other man with the driver, agreed that there are terrible men out there, “bet nor be all men bad, there are also plenti terrible women” and the lady dropped the bombshell
“you dey tuk lyk dis bcos U nor know say hunger dey 4 Warri, My broda pipo dey hungry, Food don go up (expensive), children dey hungry, beggars don plenty, shey U know how much 4 rice now?”

“Wen last U go parti? U don see how pipo dey rush and drag food 4 parti? Both young and old, Papa & Mama dey beg and drag food. Bros nor be wetin una think or tuk oo, hunger dey Warri.
She silenced both opposition, when she switched to hunger lane.

The reality is, people are hungry. Every day we see people making stomach decisions, doing things to satisfy and quench hunger. The fact that hunger has not killed someone near you, does not negate the truth that people are hungry in the city.

We can all agree that the dollar rate has had direct impact on the food at Booka, the EBA in bookas has been drastically adjusted to just three cuts and nine swallows and that will not feed even a ten year old baby.

Then and there it hit me, that true happiness comes from all of the simple basics of life e.g. Food, shelter, clothing, etc, not having to worry about this basics is true happiness.

Let’s not just wait, let’s pray and act for our leaders to lead and make the right policies to lead us out of this recession.

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