Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas In Warri.

Warri is becoming one of Nigeria's most popular destinations for this Christmas. It hosts a number of entertaining events from November till the end of the year, pockets of dinner balls around the city organized by religious organisations, not to mention Christmas marketers sprouting in different places across the city, selling livestock, furniture, clothes, food items etc. As for visitors they are assured to revel in decent hangouts for jolly good fellows. E.g. Edge Night Club, Dynasty Night Club, Cool Breeze, etc the list goes on.
Christmas is an amazing time in Warri. It’s the perfect juncture to combine the short festive break with fun, family, visitation, relaxation and a host of other things.

Christmas songs, twinkling of the Christmas lights, smells of warm delicious continental and native foods, angry and complaining shoppers inside Keke or Buses or happy shoppers chatting and taking pictures is a common sight at the mall and other cool spots e.g. Golden Tullip.

Christmas is almost here, so it’s time to put on the fun helmet, party shoe and enjoy cheerful gathering with friends and family. Here’s a few things you can do in Warri this Christmas.

Enjoy your family.
Warri has no wonderland or a kidszone, but there are playgrounds, parks and beach that are within touching distance to Warri that you and your family will love and have great time at e.g. Falcorp Mangrove Park at Ifie, Mudi Beach, Turf Club and Abraka Resort. You can take your family to any of these places this Christmas and have a great time.

Visit Light House Cinema
“Home Alone” used to be my favorite, maybe because it has the Christmas fever in it. Warri has two Cinemas, Genesis and Ligthouse Cinema. This Christmas if you’ve not been to Lighthouse Cinema at Golden Tullip Hotels, you should visit. The price is extremely fair (#500 everyday and #700 om Wednesday with popcorn) irrespective of the day in the week and the environment super comforting, where you can seat to wait for your movie and have pop corn, snacks, play games, or make your hair at the saloon. There are some nice movies currently showing, e.g. Brother Jekwu, Dr. Strange. Fifty, Underworld etc

Ice Cream or Drinks and Enjoy yourself at Warri Stadium or Urhobo College Field
If you’ve not been to the home of Warri Wolves, this is a nice time to do so. I was at Urhobo college last weekend to watch footballers train, trust me, i had a great time eating the ice cream bought at Exchange Super Market opposite Urhobo college and watching footballers train under the cool evening breeze.
Take a stroll through Igbudu and Main market.
You may be wondering why's this on the list, trust me if you are like me that despise markets, it will help you appreciate our parents and support them with whatever we can for the Christmas celebration. Sellers and customers complaining about price hike in goods, young boys hustling at every corner from butcher to loaders etc. The dirt around the markets may not be too pleasing but, it can spur you to want to do something about it, like joining Project Clean Warri. (Project Clean Warri is the unanimous decision agreed on during the Warri Stakeholders meeting. This project is a deliberate series of activities with the aim to create a culture that will encourage a clean Warri.)

Visit Igbene, Old People’s Home or an Orphanage in Warri.
Life is beautiful, but sometimes we may get too selfish and start conceiving foolish thoughts in our heads, why? Because we have failed to appreciate simple things that make life beautiful. A visit to Igbene a local village inside Sedco road, off Udu road Enerhen or any of the old people or orphanage home will remind you of the goodness and faithfulness of God in your life.

I visited Igene Village last week and was almost at tears when i saw how and where people are living, Surrounded by electricity, but without electricity. It was not a good sight, but it reminded me of the good things i have enjoyed with little or nothing from me. That visit allowed me to reflect and live the through purpose of Christmas which is to share.

Get Wild
It’s time to chillax, have a wild night. Warri is safe, if you are like me that like it quiet, cool breeze may just be your spot. If you don’t have a car, well the city is safe and there are a host of cabs that can do the magic for you. You can visit the tastefully decorated and spacious Edge Night Club, Dynasty Club or enjoy an open air groove in various cool spot.

Christmas Shopping at Delta Mall
Delta Mall with her variety of stores from clothing outlets, electronics to gift shops. There are a host of Christmas bonanza’s going on. Even if you are not shopping, you can take a stroll through the mall to enjoy the air condition (lolz) in the heat and freely see nice Christmas stuffs on display inside the various stores.

Let’s hear what you think or other things that can come into the list in the comment section.

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