Friday, 23 December 2016


"Ibori...  You're our man... You're our choice, Iboriii
You're our man again!"
Oh yes.  I sang this song as a little girl as it played on the television. My tuneless voice humming aloud as i danced to its enchanting tone and its spell binding rhythm.

The media, a whore with loose limbs. A tree with shallow roots. A bat whose neither a land animal nor an air animal. The media, a two faced demon.

Over and over again, this song had played on the television and radio. Casting spell over listening ears. Dragging  worshippers to deceptive warmth. And casting veils over human eyes.
The integrity of the man in the song had gone unchecked.
For here in Nigeria, the wealthy dominates the rest.

But for how long shall we wallow in the ocean of darkness?
How long shall we wait in the court of the wicked?
How long shall we keep punishing our children yet unborn?

For a man convicted of corruption and money laundering who was recently released, we jump to the streets and dance in joy.

For a man who has contributed most graciously to the unemployment and gross hardship in our country, we gather and throw flowers at his feet.

For a man who used Delta state as a collateral for a 40 billion naira loan, we welcome him with trumpets and fanfare.

I weep.

Where is our wisdom?
Where is our shame?
Where is our humanity?

Would you change right to wrong because of the wads of money thrown at your laps?
Would you sacrifice your blood and the future of unborn generation on the altar of greed?

Time and time again, we crown the the undeserving king and mock the diligent.

I write with pain in my heart at the decadence in our society. The evil that dwells within us and the greed that we most loyally feed.

What  is wrong can be made right. BELIEVE!!
Let anger rise in your  hearts.
Let questions float in your  tongues.
Let your souls be set aflame and purge our hearts of every ill.

Let us exchange blindness with sight.
Greed with contentment.
Pride with integrity.
Let us build our nation again.
It starts within you.

With love,
Chioma Ngaikedi .

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