Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Warri StakeHolders Meeting.

Warri Stakeholders Meeting is a round-table discussion among anyone and everyone who has the city at heart and wants or is already doing something to birth a new image for Warri. The number one goal, among others, for the meeting is to collectively identify the challenges, discuss, strategize or develop and design a plan to forge a new image for Warri and at the end of the meeting we’ll have a mini document of all our suggestion called the Warri Manifesto.
This meeting is for everyone that lives in Warri and whose interest is not just for the perks, but the work, e.g. Artiste, On air personalities, residents, Lawyers, Pastors, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Tailors, Speakers, Bakers, Public and Private Officers etc. who want the city up among the World best cities.

Cities are amoral that is, they take on the personalities of its residents, it’s on this premise that we are very certain that the solutions to the challenges of Warri is with every one of us. We are the solution to all of the challenges of Warri, let us sit down around one table, under one roof to know each other, highlights these challenges and craft out working solutions together and go out to implement in our small circles, For the time that we live here, Warri is our responsibility, this is an endeavor that affects the entire city and therefore best solutions will be generated when everyone doing something in any capacity participates in a collaborative planning meetings such as this. NewWarri need your participation for our city to be up there among notable cities.

Warri Stakeholder meeting is a bridge and a platform for anyone doing anything in the city to meet with other city fixers, network and know what we are all doing and do it differently, encourage each other and then seek common ground to amplify our individual efforts together.

This is practically the city mantra “WARRI NOR DEY CARRY LAST,” If you nor come this meeting, we fit carry last o.

Warri StakeHolders Meeting has the potential to bring significant economic, mental, social and environmental benefits to our city. We are excited about this get together and look forward to having you join us!

Date : Saturday 3rd of December, 2016
Time : 10:00 AM
Venue : AFE's Studio (Oha House), 7 Okumagba Avenue (Adjacent to Diamond Bank) Warri, Delta State.
RSVP : 08030448215

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