Monday, 7 November 2016


I brought out my memories as a write up
That together with me you can break it up

Our relationship was smooth and brightened up
Until you turn wild and seek a break up

I was actually pleading you to speak up
but instead you chose rather not to speak up

You go behind and said I broke up
now I’ve met you again and I’m saying shut up

It was all but a relationship which you either make up
or get sick of it and break up

I won't sleep, I won't slumber, I won't stay up
I will be the one that will kiss your cheeks and say wake up

I am weak and tired my energy is used up
Come, bring me a miracle say to me like Christ, rise up

I am weary, I can’t even sit up
Re-infuse power in me, say stand up

My very own heart you've broken up
I need a heart mender, soft and tender to mend it up

I know how I looked when I got dressed up
I also reckon with you how weary and pale am stressed up

but even though you won't build me up
I am my own constructor so I won't give up

because even though you got me stirred up
I’ll keep my face bright and cheer-up

(c) d Edoja Faith
Edoja Faith(d Faithful poet) a writer, a spoken word artiste and Mc.

He is the poetry coordinator of Delta state polythecnic Otefe Oghara.
He has graced stages like 663, Nyimarr's spoken word with his poetry
and has also qualified for War of Words s5 among others.

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