Thursday, 3 November 2016

Unfamiliar territories.

Have you ever said words you wish you never said? Done things and you asked yourself did I do that. Life has a way of throwing at us unexpected curved balls.
It’s one thing for somebody to hype you another for you to believe the hype, people will always hype you and tell you sweet things about yourself for two reasons either to use you or to encourage you, but often time what we need is not encouragement but affirmation. While encourage focuses on the future you, affirmation acknowledges who you are and what you are doing right at the moment, and because we are creatures of the moments, living each day for the next, we need to daily see and know what we are doing wrong so that adjustment can be made and what we are doing right so that efforts can be refueled, affirmation can help us achieve that.

Once in a while we all step into unfamiliar terrain at work place, with family and friends or business. These terrains are places or moments when you hear, see and experience things that was never at anytime considered among the off chances. E.g. family and best friends make sneering remarks, suggesting you are a basket that is not worth investing, colleagues reacts in certain ways or your spouse being in love with someone else or acting up or making funny utterance.
Whenever we find ourselves in unfamiliar terrains, it means only one thing, step back, take a retreat and see things from outside you. Many times our emotions and sentiments can transport us into unfamiliar terrains and if we are not quick to understand that we are in that desert of self loathing we make mistakes that may ruin important things and relationships in our lives.

The dryness of unfamiliar territories can make anyone offended and bitter, but getting bitter and offended will only increase the possibility further desert encroachment that leads to only more loss. Instead of getting bitter, we should take the time out to appraise and evaluate every single action and re-approach them without sentiments.
Nobody writes his/her life script and includes challenges and obstacle in the script, but this things happen and they happen because promises has been broken, promises we have made by ourselves to ourselves or to us from other people that was never fulfilled.
Every promises brings expectations, and unmet expectations can create offence that leads to bitterness (You don't need all that junk in your system), so to avoid unfamiliar terrains one must avoid the luxuries of expectations especially the ones we created through promises we made to ourselves and to others and from others.

May you find strength and grace to walk strong and out of unfamiliar territories as we work together to birth a #newwarri.

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