Friday, 25 November 2016


I did a study on the Erikson's eight stages of development
and I learnt that there are the types of feelings that will occupy your mind
two types of feelings you will experience on your inside
from the age of sixty five till the day you die

the first is an acceptance of death, a uniqueness of one's own life
for a life well Spent,
devoid of regrets,
and indication you're prepared,
you're fulfilled
 you're ready to leave the earth

the other feeling is a sense of loss
because in a sense you've lost
contempt for others
you  become hateful
haunted by the things you didn't do
that you could do

in the words of Jesus, He said
i must do my father's work while it is day for night time comes when no one can work
this applies to us
chase those dreams of yours
while your feet are still strong

lamentations says it best
it is good that a man bear his yoke in his youth
the question of what you'll do is up to you
a research reveals that even animals in the zoo gets depressed
a caged lion has a predictable career than its wild counterparts
it's mind is dull
because there is no danger
it moves slowly because it's no longer hungry

its potential is greatly reduced,
for it was never meant to stay in the zoo,
it's home is in the jungle

ChizzySpeaks is from Delta State, Nigeria.
Studying Microbiology,
He's a spoken word artiste,
A Regular at Nyimarr's Spoken word and Loves Warri.

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