Friday, 25 November 2016

A.C.T 1

How many of you indulge in fantasies about your typical preferable future
that sometimes you become oblivious of your present situation?

how many of you have an idea in your head
that you're scared to project
because you're not sure it will sell
so you end up selling your self short

there's so many unanswered questions
you want to start something
but the HOW TO, is alien TO YOU
there's a gap to be filled in your life
as regards the things you want to try
i want you to fill it with the three letters A. C. T and ACT

because INACTION is deadly
it'll eat you up internally

not acting is like being in a boat
you're supposed to be paddling, rowing
but instead you're drilling holes

and did you know that more boats sink from holes that were designed into it than from holes sustained from accidents?

when we try to get something done and we fail
we see the cost, we see the number of days
the hours, the minutes that we've put into the job
we feel the pain when it doesn't work
it hurts!
and this makes us consider inaction as a choice
the pain that accompanies action will scar you
but it will also make you grow

but that dude called inaction will rub you off your worth
exterminate your goals
and degrade your soul
leaving you as poor old folks

ChizzySpeaks is from Delta State, Nigeria.
Studying Microbiology,
He's a spoken word artiste,
A Regular at Nyimarr's Spoken word and Loves Warri.

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