Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How To Love Nigeria. By ChizzySpeaks

It all started when I felt an object being developed while I laid suspended in the comfort of my temporary home

I was only a zygote then so the image wasn't clear
but as I became a foetus it was lucid and I realized that the object that was being developed was a placenta like bouquet💐 ,
I'd stayed for 270days,9 months per say an indication I was ready for marriage. 

The lot of who would be my bride was casted on my behalf between two individuals, mum and dad 
and my bride happened to be Nigeria 

That's the same story with all of you, we didn't chose Nigeria 
So sometimes we're not at ease
we're looking for ways to leave the country 
we just think nigeria is not where we're supposed to be
now that we're here why don't we bring the best out of her

A lot of times what we do is at every conversation we have we mock her failing state and pass the blame on buhari's change 

Nigeria is more like a museum filled with art
you are one piece of art, you are, we are
maybe the problem is that we've had our eyes shut all the time
so we couldn't appreciate all of her, by that i mean all of her, all of me, and even all of you. 

let's take a trip down Memory Lane
our past heroes fought together to get us this far
but these days we prefer fighting each other like in the avengers civil war
how then do we go further 
our love for Nigeria can be expressed when we love our neighbors just like we love ourselves or even our cells 

I think the problem is the date we associate with love
love is not only to be expressed on February 14,it's everyday 
or maybe we should bring back the date to 13th and do it the way 1Corinthians 13 explains it
because when you open to that part of the scripture 
the first description is that love never gives up 

Our love for Nigeria is not about what we're expecting 
but rather, it's about what we're willing to give
how much we're willing to give up so she can stay up 

I know it's easy to love when you've never been hurt 
it's easy to give when you're never in want
it's easy to see when it's never been dark 
that's why we make withdrawals when they're no benefits 
leaving Nigeria with deficits 
when instead we should be making deposits 

just so I don't sound too abstract 
let's talk about other practical ways you could love her 
you could sharpen your talents, develop your gifts, learn a new skill: photography,baking,graphics or video editing like Edison 

We could improve on Nigeria by improving on our selves, by making ourselves necessary
for we are a reflection of our country 

do you remember how you use to trip and fall when you were a kid
and sustain an injury on your feet
sometimes you took drugs, antibiotics, I remember taking ampiclox  and if it got worse I'd visit the hospital 
why couldn't you just cut the feet away, you wouldn't be able to withstand the excruciating pain
and besides you believed your feet will be whole again 

If we love Nigeria, there will be proofs
there will be action and it will be evident for all to see the reaction 
and according to newton's first law of motion 
when action speaks there will be reaction's deed and it will be evident for all to see just how much love you have for your country 

maybe you don't really love her 
like a playboy all you want is the kiss
the one night stand you want to be pleased 
but that wasn't the plan from the beginning 
it was for better for worse
we'll love her when she's right or not 
but now we slide the best in the gutter and present the worse!

when next we say I pledge
Let's make sure we're not the one breaking the edge

When next we look at Nigeria 
and all we see is a shrunken frame, loose clothes, withered hands and chained feet
Let's all picture an eagle soaring in the sky, let's all picture her being free from all these economic ills
let us ponder on that picture until it penetrates our mind fully and becomes our reality

When next we're  tempted to say Nigeria nor dy try
let's go down on our knees 
let's intercede 
let's call forth what we want to see
and work towards it

Let's shout it out loud
bellow if you can
and say Nigeria i am

We're Nigerians nevertheless 
and though she recess 
We'll never regret
We'll never relent 
We'll put in the work 
Until she works!

ChizzySpeaks is from Delta State, Nigeria.
Studying Microbiology,
He's a spoken word artiste,
A Regular at Nyimarr's Spoken word and Loves Warri.

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