Friday, 16 September 2016

#WeeklyPills : Who Dey Deceive You?

It’s been a rainy day, flood everywhere, it seemed we need canoes in Warri as cars were swimming in the hungry flood and some will say it’s a weather for…who? Two? Who dey really deceive us? Well, let me move up from that. I realized that irrespective of the rain and flood that left some with swimming pools as bedrooms, a sad reality that we must check, no one was stopped from living his/her life. Market women still went to the market, bankers went to the bank, and even a hospital in a flooded neighbourhood was open for operations. This just gave me the confident that nothing is big or strong enough to stop us from achieving our goals, come rain come shine, we are indefatigable with an unquenchable spirit to live life to its fullest.

Thinking about what people commonly say, I see a mind-set, a pattern that has stunted our growth as individuals, society and a nation at large. Rumours do not only easily spread fast but are widely accepted as norm while truth is contested and disputed without a second thought. Words play a powerful role in creating our reality but that isn’t my focus for today. Who really told us that all we believe is true? Who called us ‘Third World Country’ and how or why do we believe and now call ourselves such? “Warri no dey carry last” doesn’t mean Warri now comes first, sometimes it makes us remain living marginal live as we say it ‘at all at all naim bad pass’.
So we can at least wake up, move around and do little things no matter how insignificant they are just like the 15yr vulcanizer who inflated my tyres, yet we complain things are hard. Haven't you realized if they were that hard we wouldn't even get up or attempt anything? Personally, I would say that thinking is what's hard not doing things. I quite agree that the economy isn't as friendly as it should be and times are seemingly harsh but in this same hard times and with the tale of recession, people are still making money. Who is lying to our minds?

We easily see the restiveness of the youth and conclude theirs as a closed case when most have not attempted. I and some friends visited a community and shared some food we gathered from people, we were amazed at the reception from the said ‘unchangeable area boys’. Sitting with them, I heard their small challenges which if we attend to can help us channel their strength positively but we’ve been deceived. ‘Oh, if you nor use back door your racket no go click’, a popular mind-set that has made us mediocre with nothing of international standard, which has kept us in the backroom from progressive relevance. What happened to the ingenuity of our people and pursuit of excellent standards? Who says that our conditioning is limited to the popular route which obviously empowers self with no community impact? It is easy to run for powers, from all fetish sources that have no life of its own so as to gain wealth, public adoration and respect when those powers cannot command common sense to know that power is to serve and not to make others serve you. Who has been deceiving us?

Have we tuned our ears to woeful tales branded with fear that depletes our strength to do great? Have we believed so much lies that we doubt the truth of our potentials? Have we accepted status quo that we fail to realize we create and determine status by what we see and do? What informed us that when we see development we immediately see impossibilities? Why do we think when someone does some good it isn’t sustainable? Don’t we realize these mind-set has deprived us the beauty our potentials can create and the joy of the benefit of our labour? Who is deceiving us? Why is it difficult to accept that we can live corrupt free lives? How can we pose to be big and great people yet believe small lies? Is it our fears or those we listen to? Do you know “they said” is a baseless and uncertain word that has created false realities in our lives? We have limited ourselves by the weak and failed imaginations of those who went before us. While others saw giants in the promise land, Joshua and Caleb saw milk and honey. What are we listening to?

Do you know that it was once said man could never fly, today it is the fastest way to travel? IBM President in 1943 laughed at the idea of a personal computer saying there won’t be more than 5 computers in the word, today we all have on in our hands called smart phones. It was said at the invention of television that it won’t last because people will get tired of it…I leave that for you to answer. We are where we are and what we are because of what we have listened to. Stop believing all the lies that limit you, stretch yourself to test the ideas, you will be amazed your outcome. If only we believe more we can become more. We can export Pidgin and make it an admirable commodity, well our local Warri games can become an Olympic sensation. We can have a #CleanWarri garbage free and secured. We can outdo the myopic expectation of those who have no joy in their heart. All we have to do is stop listening to the lies that deceived us and tune into words that cause internal transformation that reflects externally.

Walk away from naysayers, if anyone says it’s not doable, tell them to give you proof founded on an indefatigable spirit and sincere motive with a heart open to learning international standard and principles. If they can’t run for your life and pursue that amazing unusual thought. Let the disbelief of other fire you up to explore your possibilities. Warri is razz, right? Visit Shoprite, Gemstone and others and see otherwise. Who believed we will have such an experience for Wafferians after Kingsway & Leventis went away. I challenge you to listen to only what pushes you to great accomplishment and dare to keep on researching and experimenting your idea. Just do it, it will work if not as you want it maybe better. Don’t be deceived, #WarriWorks, Wafferians love progress and development, they are welcoming and full of creative energy. We are not only a comic town but We Are Rare Resourceful Individuals (W.A.R.R.I)

If Warri nor work for you, ask yourself wetin you don work for Warri and leave am for those when wan work am #WarriWorks

Chunu Tejiri Jerry fondly called UnusualTeajay is an Ideas Developer, Brand Strategist & Social Entrepreneur with over 15years focus on Teenage Development.  He has a global passion that seeks the mental awakening and value re-orientation of young Africans. He serves as the Creative Director at Dotbob Creative Solution and Team Head at IMAGINIT Media Resources, initiators of #iStepUpAfrica, #DecemberCookOut #TeenNation #N100Challenge and other social projects which won him an award as one of Africa’s Emerging Leaders. He currently is the Programs Manager for reading House Africa, a member of Nigeria Economic Summit Group Youth Initiative & Commonwealth Youth Council Nigeria Team.

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