Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Road to Better Roads in Warri.

Every day seems like a new low, the rain has been superb in exposing the issues on our roads in the city. It was very sad to see that the most popular place in the city (Enerhen Junction), was almost flooded, because it rained for two days.The state of the road networks in Warri is not something we can pride ourselves.

The percentage of paved and unpaved road is a factor that should be seriously considered. New Warri is both a mental shift and proud a aesthetic value. We cannot pride our-self to be better people when we live in semi slum.

Just to mention a few downside to bad road, Business suffers without a dependable road system. You can hardly go a mile without seeing numerous potholes and this has led to lose lives and properties through road accidents. Man hours are wasted on this road, and when it rains we suffer from flooding.
The Major contributor to these problem are poor funding and maintenance culture, Overloaded Vehicles on roads not built to carry such weight, Poor road signs, epileptic traffic lights etc. While we can assume that the above mentioned challenges are within governmental jurisdiction, we will be robbing ourselves of our responsibilities if we fail to demand from the government to perform and do the little we can do.

Without mincing words, The Road network in the city of Warri are shabby and needs a defibrillator to come back to life. Here’s what we can do for our road.

1. Toll Gates
We can demand that government (Not that they are ignorant of it, but they are just selfish) to enter into private partnership to build good road networks and repay the investments and maintain these roads.

Not comparing Lagos with Warri, but if Tollgate is working in Lagos what stops it from working in Warri? After all, the past administration wanted to implement BRT lanes in the city. Tollgate can be at Enerhen Junction, Orhuworun Junction and at every strategic intersection in the city.

The Beauty of Tollgate is that it does not only raise money to pay back investment, it also creates employment and adds beauty and a sense of orderliness to the city. Government does not need to search far for partnership, banks can finance this project.

There are loads of banks suffering from the challenges these deplorable roads are causing, consider banks along Warri Sapele road, Total before Estate etc.
2. Community Leadership.
Many a times we hear stories that, some super rich people within certain locality wants to fix bad roads leading to their house, but the community leaders and youths demands for huge amounts of money before they can carry out such charity projects. This is not governmental doing, but Man’s wickedness.

Who among us can say they have not lost a friend or a loved one to through road accident or not gotten pissed because of the road? We all have directly or indirectly suffered from our bad road, it’s time that we stand in unity and demand progress and development of our community from it's leaders.

3. Contractors and Responsibilities.
Every Road project should be given only to well known companies, these companies should be held responsible if these roads are not up to standard.

These companies are to ensure that there’s sufficient signage and government should ensure the maintenance of existing ones.
4. Government Responsibilities.
A comprehensive and compulsory road survey of the state of the road should be carried out and the reports of any damages made public and rectified immediately. Government should ensure that every road project have a sacrosanct deadline, with heavy penalties for non-performance.

Establish a special task force whose responsibilities should be to enforce and check overloading of trucks, that damages the roads and reduces the life of roads, gaseous emission from the vehicle, wrong packing, and roadside market on major roads.
Ensure that contractors use the latest polymer and concrete technologies when carrying out any project in the city.

No city is bad, neither is any city good, but the people in a city makes it good or bad. There’s no city in the world where you don’t have good or bad people, the percentage of good or bad in every city determines how that city is perceived. I believe the good people in the city of Warri is more than the bad people, that’s why I believe in the possibility of a #newwarri.

Remember evil triumph when Good People Do nothing. Be a part of the New Warri, Pledge to a cause, help someone, show kindness, do not litter, show respect and appreciate people, be cheerful, manage your time, take up some responsibilities.

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