Friday, 2 September 2016

Return of the Mark

Mark Zuckerberg coming to Nigeria got the Nigeria online community hyper. It started with the CNN post that read “Mark Zuckerberg makes first ever visit to sub-Sahara Africa”. The Nigerian online community blasted CNN for failing to acknowledge that Mark came to Nigeria. Upon arrival, Mark said he could feel the energy in the country and that he just wants to walk around and meet everyone.
Facebook founder, left Nigeria for Kenya where he had lunch with the Cabinet Secretary of Information and communication and the Mark returned to Nigeria and in less than 48 hours to attend Demo day with President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Top government functionaries and entrepreneurs at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

The purpose of Mark’s Visit according to a press release from his company: “Zuckerberg is in Nigeria to listen and learn and take ideas back to California on how Facebook can better support tech development and entrepreneurship across Africa” this is enough business reason, but below are some of the implication the return of the mark have on Nigeria.

1. The return of Mark indicates that Nigeria is the future of technological investment in Africa. Mark has already shown that earlier this year by investing $24 million in Andela and reaffirmed that by visiting where is money and respecting the government where is money is.

2. Nigeria is a sleeping Giant in Africa that has being undermined by lesser country. Mark visiting Nigeria twice did not only brazenly undermined the security concerns raised by foreigners, it also reaffirmed our continental dominance.

3. There’s more to wealth than meets the eye, wealth is who you are and not what you have or wear (Clothes). Compare Mark and Nigeria’s rich people.

4. The Power of the Nigerian President.
The unhealthy situations in the country has made it easy to ridicule the number one seat of power in Nigeria, irrespective of that, the world recognizes the power of the Nigerian President. For Mark to return to Nigeria on PMB’s invitation and also change is dress style, says a lot about the Office of the Nigerian president.

5. On the downside, it became obvious that this administration is more concerned about making noise. Mark has explore the market, finished his business and left, I may be wrong, but this administration felt slighted that Mark didn’t pay a courtesy call to them and they had to do all they can to get him back to score cheap points. This same President has refused seeing protesters outside Aso rock, but made room for Zuckerberg.

6. Nigerian is most definitely on the global map for good, and it’s at CNN or any other news network own detriment not to mention Nigeria or they are ignorantly assuming Nigeria to be the entire Sub Sahara Africa, because for the CEO of the world most popular social media platform and among the first five billionaires in the world to visit Nigeria twice in one week, is no coincident.

7. And lastly, a lot is already working in Nigeria and needs just a few boasters to succeed. E.g. Mark’s gate crashing into Nollywood video shoot, says that Nollywood has gained international recognition and more should be done to create more job through it. We can safely say that not all young people carrying laptop are scam, Mark visited Cchub where he took pictures with some very young Nigerian nerds.

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