Friday, 30 September 2016

The Business of Independence

There’s little or no time for almost anything in today’s fast paced high tech world. There’s so much we can do with tech and the little we can do manually are almost becoming digitized. Little surprised to see an online laundry and dry cleaning firm, it’s no news that we have online markets even for local products like black and ripe plantain can be ordered and delivered anywhere within the shortest time frame, with this aggressive technological growth, we hope a day don't come when there's an app that eats or feeds us, lol.

Nigeria is a stupendous resourceful bore, before the imperialist got here and despite the depletion we still command so much human, natural and intellectual resources that we can from anything as simple as a holiday make a business. Here’s a few of the business that thrive not just during independence but any National public holiday.
1. Flag Business
During Independence celebration an average of 10 million pieces of Nigerian flags are sold across the nation at the rate of one hundred Naira or less. Do the Math and you will realize that these guys that stand on the road are making money from our independence.

 2. Livestock Business.
There’s no party without a cake, so also you cannot have any celebration or sweet holiday without food and slaughtering of chicken or other kind of livestock. Food has a way of spicing any kind of celebration and where there’s food, one way or the other food good burst out.

3. Clothing Business
Clothing is another form of business that thrives during the independence, especially green and green, but it’s also the time people that work around the clock go out to shop or buy clothes for themselves or their children.

4. Recreational Business

Holiday’s are not only enjoyed indoors, recreational businesses make money during the holiday, for example movie tickets are always higher during holidays irrespective of the day of the week.

5. Show Business
Show business cannot be left out during the Independence holiday. Look around Nigeria and even in our city there are numerous shows and events that has positioned themselves to maximize the Independence holiday.

6. Photography Business
Photographers are living the dream, they are the new Clark Kent, ask TY Bello, Solomon Abe of AFE's Studio, Bayo Omoriowo, (President Buhari Official photographer, heard he just wrote a book) etc. Independence Holiday is one great business for photographers, they are on our streets, studio's and stadiums.

We’ll appreciate your comments and opinion for any of the kind of business that we have left out.

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