Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Laundry Man and Buhari.

Photo : PMB Official photographer Bayo .O

If there’s one thing i love about President Buhari, is how crispy clean and neat his agbada always looks. That is no coincident, it’s the diligent work of the presidential Launder.

Yeah, I said it, Presidential Launder, isn’t it amazing how the products or services we assume as petty becomes prestigious when it’s done by or for some people? Whoever is PMB launder, just like Bayo Omoboriowo the presidential photographer takes joy and pride to announce himself as the official photographer of the Nigerian President, I can assume the President Laundryman does so too, with a big grin in his face. Clothing is among the basic human need and that automatically made care for clothes a huge industry in the economy, yet it’s still over looked and not fully exploited.

#newwarri has been exploring various SME in the city and suggesting ways to help them do more and become more with their business, because they are part of the economy. Warri is ripe for a Laundromat, Why can’t we have a place where individuals can go to everyday to wash and dry our clothes by ourselves with washing and drying machine and pay a fee or have a kind of membership system? That same place can double as a gym, a bar and car wash, it takes only money, to make that a reality. Some may say, that won’t work. You may never know what the city needs until they are offered. There’s money to be made from laundry business and many do not see it, even the people in the business, don’t do it professionally.
Here’s a few tip that #newwarri thinks can help you boost your laundry business in Warri.

1. Genuine concern for every of your clients clothing.

Washing people’s clothes maybe business to you, if you want to go far in the laundry business, show genuine concern for your clients clothing, because it will only make you to be concerned about delivering quality services to every client. People can feel genuine concern and they will react in kind to it. If a client sees that you are genuinely concern about his clothes, he has moved from a client to a friend, and you know what that means for you and the business. Genuinely caring for clients clothes means you sort the clothes, take time to observe details about each cloth e.g. reading labels to know what’s the best way to wash it, avoid bleaching, prevent fading, find the right detergent etc and ironing accordingly and packaging according to clients preference.

2. Training
As it is obtainable in any type of business, you need to be well trained before you can succeed in rendering professional laundry services. If you as CEO has been trained or is expereienced, it’s expedient you send your support staffs for comprehensive training where they will be properly taught :
a.      How to wash different fabrics
b.      How to iron different fabrics
c.      How to fold and package clothes neatly
d.      How they can manage time effectively
e.      How they can promise low and over deliver on deadlines.
f.      Efficiently keep records to avoid mix up of customers’ clothes etc.

3. Do a proper Business Registration for your laundry firm.

Laundry is serious business, it is advised that you register your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), this will help you to explore into the corporate world and give you a more professional outlook.

4. Packaging

How do you package your customer’s clothes? A good percentage of laundry houses in Warri, fold and wrap with light shinny nylon, without a branded bag. Packaging finished products, which is part of the external branding process should not be taken lightly. The quality of your brand materials is a voice when you are not there.

5. Give incentive

Incentives will help to promote your business, it could be washing a specific number of clothes and get discounts or don’t pay for specific numbers, or distribute mug or T-shirt with your brand name to your regular clients. If you decide that you are not going to fold customers’ cloth but stretch every shirt and delivered with your firms hangers, clients can be motivated to return hangers with free wash. As a business entity, think up any strategy that best works for your firm in her base of operation.

6.  Charge Fairly.

Do not charge outrageously or meagerly. Fix a price that reflects your status and it’s also in sync with the prevalent economic conditions.

Clean Care Nigeria Limited.
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