Thursday, 29 September 2016

Independence in Warri

Independence celebration is one of the very few National holidays that Nigerians across religious and tribal divide celebrate together.
I remember how as primary school students and we get so excited, free food, a day’s holiday from school, crisp school uniform and match pass in the stadium, handshake with dignitaries, green white green everywhere etc.
Growing up in Warri has reduced certain expectations but not some traditions, so if you are wondering where and how to spend your Independence holiday in Warri? Please continue reading.

1.   Call the Gang.
Yes we all have friends that work and life palavers has drifted apart. The Independent Holiday offers a great time to call old associations, if possible fraternize and have a barbecue with beer and games.

2.   Do it with the Family, Have a Photo session.
Work for some is fun and pain; families hardly spend time, as they have to work. This Independence holiday presents a fine time to chillax with family at home or go to a recreational center and spends time. If you’ve been dyeing for a family portrait why not embrace this holiday and photo-away in a studio. AFE's Studio at Oha house, 7 Okumagba avenue Opposite UBA, Warri may just do the magic for you.
3.   Enjoy your Electronics
In this time of “change the change”, I doubt if many people will want to watch the President speech or tune into radio, but rather watch and listen to other programs. For many bachelors, sports e.g. Football Epl on Saturday and movies at home or the cinema.

4.   Party
Yes, Party, there are many October first babies in Warri find one, there could be a birthday party going on there. Lolz, How about trying out any of the city events? Warri Again has been consistent and also been very good, there are a few others happening within the Independence holiday.

5.   Lazy at Home
This is barely an independence holiday guide and there's nothing that says you must go out or engage in physical activities, so you can eat, sleep, rest then explore on Monday.

6.   Visitation.
Visit Mummy, Daddy, Sibblings or family friends who are not in your gang.
It can be a very refreshing time.

Happy Independence from all of us at Newwarri.

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