Thursday, 1 September 2016


Na so i klose from church one Wednesday, I cum stand dey wait for Keke, Wen anoda Keke drive pax me sumall and two boiz jus cum down with shaka bula and put d tin for my neck and kwayetly kollet my infinix hot note fone. E jux bi lyk Jim Iyke and Hank Anuku dey act film.

My Pipo d kain tief, tief 4 our city don pass bcareful. Dis boiz are not smiling at all, dem dey use anytin take skele ur property. Okada don reign go, na keke dem don take dey move pipo tins.

If u wan enta any Keke and you see only 2 boiz inside, abeg jux save urself from I wish I know tori, by telling Keke to go, or na only one guy dey, den you cum enta d keke, before 30 sekonds e cum carri anoda broda, abeg jejely alight frum d Keke for ur safety, bcox all dis boiz dem don get many one chance pattern.

Dis sekurity palava big well well for our city, and I go dey yarn big efian (lie) if I tuk sey our govanment go fit solve all the problem, befor dem go suckceed, naim be say d tieves don tief evribodi finish.

Dis mata don force every community and street to organize deir own vigilante squard 4 demselves and by demselves and put some kain law to make d sekurity work wella. For my own area be sey, Keke is not allowed as frum 7PM into d area except na private vehicle, and dis policy don dey run 4 more dan 2 years dey come.

E cum reach dis fateful Sunday evening at abat 8:00PM, naim tirii keke dey blow dey cum vaammm, d sekuriti man dey stop dem, dem dey wan blow pass d sekuriti gate wen one of d sekuiriti man nack one of d Keke, in anga one young broda wey wear Nigerian Army kombat nicka burst out, frum d middle Keke, d tin funni small sha, dat d young armi offisir dey use keke dey do entourage or convoy, from dere tori come wear pant ooO.

D armi offisir dey rake up and dan, so tey e wan jack d sekuiriti officer, and na him wan break the street laws wey dey exist for more than five hundred days. Den wan mature broda come go mit d officer dey follow am dey rapor, bet offiser nor hear anitin, e jux dey shout, d bros cum askam “y u dey behave lyk dis, abi bcox u don take sometin? Offiser head cum spark again, e cum dey shout louda dis tym, “Who U be sef?” U tink sey I bi rekruit wey u cum dey tuk to anyhow?” “I bi civil Engineer for Nigeria army”

My question for bros civil engineer, “Rekruit for inside Nigerian armi, nor bi yuman being?” U wey be graduate dey behave like rekruit, dey fall 9jeria armi hand. Dis tot cum done on mi sey Nigerian Armi dem dey lyk to even oppress demselves too.

9jeria force men lyk to oppress too much dem go embarrass full grown man, make hin dey do frog jump for simple mata, dem turn demselves to fashion police dey embarrass girls wey expose dem bodi, dey flog dem or subject dem to embarrassment, d last tym, I chek, na ur ryt to dress d way u lyk, wetin koncern abgero wit over load, sumtyms dem dey cos unnecessary goslow in d evening de kollet 50 naira. D worse be sey if dem dey on convoy with govarment persin or private individual, dem nor care abat anytin, dem dey flog frum deir hilux, dey push tins commot for road, na so dem push wan Keke, dat an old woman fall inside gutter frum inside the keke, dis tin bad nor be small.
Nor be only awa armi commot for dis kain nonsense even our police dey do yeye too, dey embarrass you for ur own old laptop bcox of receipt, dey check drivas license like say dem be VIO or ask u sey where your Iphone receipt dey. For did Warri wey we dey so, dem go use yahoo boiz take dey cova up, bet na dia pocket koncern den.

This kain thing nor good for our city, abeg if U dey read dis article and u know any top army Oga for d city, tell am make e advise his boiz to calm down. Warri nor be War zone.

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  1. Lolz...
    I can't stop laughing.

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