Monday, 19 September 2016

Benefits of Playing (Mobile-Phone) Games.

Video games became popular between the 1970s and 1980s and the explosion of the mobile-phone industry was instrumental in the compression of video games that became popular culture e.g. Playstation, Xbox etc into mobile platforms.

Mobile-phone games have become a multi-billion dollar a year industry and it’s still on a steady growth not because everybody likes lounging and playing but because of several specific advantages it has on us.

1. Convenience and entertainment.
Our mobile phones can be taken anywhere, played anytime once downloaded into our phone. Today mobile-phone games has become a popular form of entertainment in even in odd situation.

2. History.
Most mobile games have deep historical events, names, city etc as part or story-line. This can spark off a desire for history in the player.

3. Physicality.
Some games actually help develop physicality. E.g. games like basket ball, football, has a way of stimulating children into getting involved with such sports. Some other games can promote an entire body interaction.

4. Slow down aging.
Just as it has been proven that surgeons make less mistakes when they play games, Research has also shown that many so called brain games that involves the players memorizing, or solving puzzles has an effect on aging process.

5. Help ease pain and curb stress
One good way to fight pain or botheration is to take our minds of the issue causing the pain or stress and games has become a perfect escape route. Playing games especially immersive games can produce analgesic in the cerebral cortex that helps to numb pains. Seeing your player failing a particular stage over and over again, can cause a measure of stress, but it is also true that playing certain games has a way of reducing stress by reducing adrenaline rush.

6. Quick Decisions.
Playing certain games has actually help individuals develop abilities to make quick decisions, certain progressive games requires the players to make quick decisions as they play to advance to the next stage. This can actually be translated in real life situations.

7. Aids Learning.
Games like Angry Birds can help kids learn the basic physics of trajectory, gravity and momentum. They have come to understand that whatever goes up must come down.

8. Creative thoughts.
While games may appear addictive, they can help our kids and even adults develop creative thinking patterns in overcoming challenges.

I hope this will helps reduce the anger or beating yourself or kids for using up your mobile battery or data to play games. Know that even the more mindless games are often helping to develop some surprising skills and deftness.

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