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6 Things You Should Do In Warri This September

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Life is designed to be enjoyed and if you are not seeing the beauty of the city, maybe you have not started truly living in Warri.

You cannot be in Warri and everyday remains the same. Wake up in the morning, eat, go to work hang out with friends in a local bar and go home to sleep. You repeat this routine over and over again. That's why you join the band of naysayers to say that Warri is a boring place.
Hey before you join the bandwagon of naysayers , you should try doing this things this September.

1. Visit Delta Mall.
You may ask why should i go there, when i don't want to shop. Newsflash there are a whole lot you can do at the "City's Pride".
There's a cinema there, There's a bar up-stair, where you relax, watch football and get a vantage view of the city.
if you are still asking yourself why, maybe you should read this piece for reason why you should visit the mall. 5 kind of People you find in Delta Mall, Warri.

2. Plan To Attend Fixers.
Nyimarr's, the home of Poetry in the City of Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, West Africa and every month there's a monthly event for Spoken Word, Poetry, Music, Laugh, Truth, Feel, Live, Play, Love, Passion, Cupcakes and Cocktails.

Thursday, 29th SEPTEMBER 2016 @ 4:00pm prompt.
Venue: EmmaPassions Fitness Professionals.
Plot 31, Eware Avenue, DDPA Housing (Bendel) Estate, Ugborikoko - Effurun, Delta state. (beside Ibori's House)

Admittance is FREE

3. Visit Salt City Church.
SaltCity is a border-less community of expressive believers fostering God’s agenda in today’s society. The Church is not just tech savvy bringing church to you on the go, it's a place of deep intimacy with God and commitment to man. SaltCity is also the pioneer of the weekly video, The Deliberate life.
Salt City is at The Bimos Hotel Airport Road Opposite St. Mary's Junction beside FCMB, Warri Delta State.

4. Plan For #TownHallMeeting.
#TownHallMeeting is a tweet conference organised by Virtuosity a community of skilled people in various artistic pursuits. They are the organizers of Stories and Harmonies.
if you missed it, you can relive it here. Stories n Harmonies. It was an evening of class.
For #TownHallMeeting you do not need to go anywhere, but seat in the comfort of your home with your phone and follow up the tweet, like and retweet this 30th of September. You can be rest assured that the three seasoned conference speakers will blow your mind.

5. Environmental Sanitation.
On the 24th, most likely will be environmental sanitation. Do all you can to join in cleaning up of the city. We all can bear witness to the catastrophe the rains has been bringing. The roads are bad, we need more drainage, but the existing ones have been blocked by dirts and debris. We can clean them up and keep our immediate surrounding clean.

Last week a couple of young city fixers did amazing stuff around estate. I say Thumbs up to everyone that was involved. That's the spirit of the #newwarr. The city works when we work and we definitely can do more.
6. Be An Ambassador of the New Warri.
New Warri is both mental and physical and we all have roles to play.
People may have vague perception about Warri, but what sticks out is the experience they have when they encounter you.

Evil triumph when Good People Do nothing. Be a part of the New Warri, Pledge to a cause, help someone, show kindness, do not litter, show respect and appreciate people, be cheerful, manage your time, take up some responsibilities.

I leave you with except from last week weekly pill, if you have not read it, i think you should Who You Help?
"I challenge you today, be someone’s claim to fame, go out of your normal routine and help that cleaner, that driver, that tailor, that market woman, that child hawking, that person that always beg or irritates you and let’s build a #NewWarri that is helping itself grow. Help that old woman cross the road, help that man carry his firewood. Give a seat to an elderly person, clean your neighbor car who is a pregnant single mother. Share food for those children always playing at the garbage dumpsite. Smile to everyone you meet, hug those who are crying."

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