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You are 50% why Nigerian premier league is so, Poor, uninteresting, corrupt and dry.
You not going to stadiums/Stadia to watch our premier league matches has contributed to an exodus of great talents looking for greener pastures outside the shores of Nigeria, in fact this has in a way contributed to the decline in performance of the super eagles on international arena, because the not so super stars, (but very talented players) that don’t play in the EPL or La liga are not given chances to play at major tournaments unless they have corrupt muscle to manipulate coaches or glasshouse.

Reason with me please if you are a footballer and you know you are confident about your play, will you be happy playing for empty seats or stadium?
No I guess, and you will seek to break into the national team either by merit or by the back door just to showcase yourself at tournaments and be noticed by foreign scouts and if you are lucky you get a transfer to Europe or Asia. If its back door? You do the maths.

The last time Warri Township stadium got a full house was when Austin jay jay Okocha played he's testimonial match and people went because they want to see all the superstars from the Europe that promised coming. By the way the man has brought down his football booths, he’s in India and Samson Siasia is he’s coach. We as Nigeria has done more harm than good to our premier league by not supporting it and loving it passionately like we do to our EPL La liga, Bundesliga, teams etc.

Do you know that some state government has subsidized tickets prices at football stadiums just to encourage patronage? For example Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta state subsidized Tickets to watch Warri wolves’ matches to a mere #50 (fifty naira)…oh boy, no one still goes at that rate but we still prefer to spend a minimum of #500 (five hundred naira) to watch the European leagues at viewing centers…sometimes I feel we  freely volunteered to sporting neocolonialism to the western world.

Our sports stations are not doing a good job on these e.g. Super sports(Nigeria), Hi tv and co, I commend Channels tv (where's NTA? another topic) for all it has being doing encouraging NPL, but it’s still not a full time sports stations, oh am sorry they are opened to make money not the development of our local leagues.

It’s appalling to see a club fan chairman in Nigeria, wearing an Arsenal or Chelsea jersey on game Saturdays and arguing about Lionel Messi besting Christaino Ronaldo when we have the Maduabuchi of Enyimba and Bright Ejike of Sharks, or Fernando Torres being a 50 million flop at Chelsea, when we have Jude Aneke of Warri Wolves 12 million naira flop (not yet though) and so on…it will be awesome seeing Nigeria premier league jersey sold in our boutiques and proudly worn with our names customized at the back of it, fans trooping to stadiums, on game days, healthy rivalry between, fans of Sharks and Dolphin of Port Harcourt when they clash. Nigeria sports journalist calling it Nigeria answers to La liga El classico matches and healthy argument between fans at viewing centre about their teams. (imagine that? maybe not in our generation)

I decide to write this article when on Saturday I read on my twitter time-line that the people that came watch Manchester city play Blackburn was over 46,500 home supporters while Blackburn had over 500 supporters…imagine a Nigeria stadium being filled to a capacity of 10,000 supporters both away and home team, the players will be motivated and play to their best. It will boast the sporting revenue, create room for business outside the stadiums, social interactions and lots more.

My questions is what are the things we don’t like about our Premier league, why shy away from it? let’s face it now head on, because the giant we refuse today may kill our children tomorrow and make progress with our premier league and save the future of our football from being overturned by western football, let it be heated topics and trending on our facebook wall, even on twitters.

Who is writing this crap? What do you mean? The leagues is not interesting shut up…and write better stuffs…bollocks more please…I expected this while piecing this article together and I don’t expect to win this argument all I hope to achieve is to awake our consciousness to what not supporting our state owned team is doing to the NPL (Nigerian premier league) and make it better…thank you for your time.

Support Nigeria football. Warri Wolves for life...who do you support?

culled from (May 12, 2012)

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