Monday, 22 August 2016


Data is King, Data is the new digital currency and if you don’t have it, then you cannot trade in the digital market space. Internet data gives access to a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn. Without internet data our smart and high-end phones and computers becomes phony toys in our hands.

I once read on the news, where a top Spectranet executive said that, in not so distance future, Nigerians may not be paying for credit to make or receive calls, as the need for data will transcend the need for call credit. This is not far from the truth, because the appetite or desires of internet consumers is on a geometric progression. This generation cannot say they are more hardworking, but can certainly say that they are smart workers, because they have better access to data to work.

There are two ways to get internet in Warri,

1. Internet Service Providers (ISP)

There are a few internet service providing companies in Warri and often time they are a expensive for private use except for organisations and other ISP like swift network, spectranet, smile, IPNX are yet to have an operational base in Warri.

2. Mobile Telecommunication Companies

At the moment, the option for connecting to internet in Warri is via mobile telecommunications networks like Globacom, Airtel, Etisalat, and MTN because it is cheaper and simpler. You can connect your laptops or phones to the internet through the various internet bundle alternatives, from modem or routers, to phones or mifi provided by the telecommunication company.

Connecting to the internet is not always cheap, the prices varies depending on the data plan or the company. Here’s a brief data about four ISP in Warri to help you decide, whether to get another line or continue with what you have right now.

Airtel Mobile internet
Airtel can pride that they are among the first to offer the best and cheap internet services, but over the past months the quality of their services nosedive, with a variation in the price that made no logical sense, for example they offered to selected lines a special data plan where you get 9GB for N3,500 they reduced it to 7GB and brought a 12GB for N5,000.

However, Airtel Airtel bounced back to show that they remain a strong contender in the data market with their new nightplan N50 for 1.5GB.
What's unique unlike the MTN night plan is that it from 12:00AM - 5:00AM and the data can rollover.

For more information about Airtel internet services, visit Airtel website at

Glo Internet
I have a favorable disposition towards Globacom, not because they are my internet service providers at the moment, but because they are an indigenous company, started per second billings in Nigeria and also providing fast and cheaper internet compared to the rest providers.

Glo pre-paid and post-paid internet provides access to high-speed internet via Glo 3G and 4GLTE in Warri. Today with as low as N1,000, you can get a 2GB, N4,000 get 18GB and with N500 access 3GB for weekend and night.

For more information about Globacom internet services, visit Globacom website at

Etisalat Internet
When Etisalat burst into the Nigeria Telecommunication market, Nigeria embraced them because they gave out a lot free airtime and also provided faster internet services. Their service are still fast but the price and data plans they have is still not the best deal compare to other providers.

They have plan of 1.5GB for N1,000 and 6GB for N3,500, when Glo offers 12GB for N3,000 and it’s relatively fast.

For more information about Etisalat internet services, visit Etisalat Nigeria website at

MTN Internet
The Yello Network, at the moment, they have the most improved internet services. MTN, I think are the ones in serious challenge with Glo for the Warri internet market. They offer a cool night browsing for just N25 and you have 500 MB, when Glo offers N200 for 1GB, with great speed.

For more information about MTN internet services, visit MTN website at

There’s so much to do and learn online and the popular excuse of “I nor get data” is safely being nipped to the board. There’s a better way to do anything, from selling a service to buying a commodity. The wealth of information online is unfathomable. The creatives in Warri has no excuse to be mediocre, No idea is relatively new, why not check out a youtube video of what you want to do and do it well, afterall, the quality of internet services offered by mobile operators is improving, it’s much, faster, cheaper and reliable.

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