Wednesday, 10 August 2016


The 1914 amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria was more than a political integration. It was both traditional and religious fusion of two parallel entities. Statistics shows that 46% of Nigeria’s population is Muslim, 45% are Christians and 9% adhere to local religion. This suffice to say that Nigeria is a  Nation with solid Religious presence.

While Uthman Dan Fodio did a good job in conquering pre-colonial north, the British imperialist did their best to see that southern Nigeria is a predominantly Christian region. The strong religious clout in Nigeria is not for naught. There's a huge disparity that is continually widening between the have and have not, because everyday it's becoming more and more difficult to climb up the societal ladder.

The hardship inflicted by successive governments and cut throat monopolist has further strengthened the religious grip on Nigerians as they are constantly searching for solutions to the precarious situations they experience daily and religion seem to be the closest alternative.
It’s obvious that unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of the situation to swindle the ignorant, but we also cannot deny the obvious role of liberator and pacifier that religion is playing in the country.

There are countless articles on different blog on religion, but #religiouswarri seeks to address the religious challenges in the city of Warri and we hope to read your comments and suggestions of how to achieve a #newwarri with religion playing a formidable role. See you next week.

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