Tuesday, 23 August 2016


I am a gift divine
Thanks given echoes at my presence
If not for your merriment at my birth
I would have doubted if i were not a curse.

You woke me up when daylight slumbers
My stomach ache with hunger
No proper bath to aglow my skin
No time for childish fantasy.

You sent me out into the cold
While you envelope yourself in warmth
Expecting me to return
With a hand full of gold.

You burdened my soul
Load of goods my head adore
Your only parental advice was
Ejiro, don't sell on credit.

I learned fast when you taught me
The only words that serve your purpose
Cold pure water here, sweet ground nut, sometimes, cold mineral here.

The only definition of question you taught me
Was how to ask
Bros walnut? Orange?, gala and lacasera? And sometimes, Kpekere?

My only knowledge of mathematics
Was how to add and subtract
How to give change in its right amount
You've made me a child of commerce, youngest merchants.

In the hot sun
We marathon along vehicles
Whom would love to zoom away with our APC'S
Our names has been substituted for what we sell.

You gave me a money bag
Instead of a school bag
You gave me goods
Instead of books.

We are now at the cross road
Should I down tools and go to school?
Show me the school road
And not the market road.

Let me too learn how to read
And not just to speak
Let me learn how to write
And not just how to look left and right.

Give me the best
The best of gift
Just as God gave me to you

(c) d FAITHFUL poet.

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