Wednesday, 3 August 2016


A good percentage of Nigerians believes that Nigerian Youth Service Corp (NYSC) has outlived it’s usefulness and given the recent security challenges that has bedeviled corp members from Boko haran to election palaver.
One can argue strongly using programs like Sure P and NPower, to buttress arguments that NYSC should either be scrapped or revitalize.

Being a corp member in Warri has it’s perks, but wearing khaki also comes with as much conundrum and here are a few of them and possible solutions I hope will help.

The NYSC khaki
  • It promises more than it can offer
  • It gives a sense of security while in reality it's just a stride to vulnerability.
  • The observers think you are a damn rich Federal Government PIKIN while you are just waiting for the next alert to clear old debts.
  • The uniform claims to offer a sense of self fulfillment and completion while in the inside is the yearning for safety and fear of the unknown tomorrow
  • People picture you to have secured tomorrow and only waiting for service to end to start that oil company job and pull new cars, while you haven't gotten any reply from all the places you sent your CV.

Don't get me wrong,
I'm not trying to be pessimistic or an alarmist, while service is just a year, life after service is for decades.
When the euphoria of CORPER clouds our judgment, sometimes we slip into acting as though service is forever.

Here is what I think:
  • Look beyond your service year and think about life after service.
  • No more allowee.
  • Stipends and free accommodation
  • No more uniform (people would barely know you went to school after service)
  • No more excuse when responsibilities show up (all those people who are like "once am done with service, I won't call home for money again")

  • If you’ve got to learn a skill from an artisan, do it.
  • If you have companies you are close to, get closer, prepare for interviews.
  • Just embark on any value addition exercise


By Prisca Ebi Owotorufa

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