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Food is essential to life, it’s our common ground, where we draw strength and health.

We met Mr. Spencer Owewe who makes great food in the city, Let’s meet the city chef.

Briefly Introduce Yourself?
My name is Mr Owewe Oghale Spencer, but friends and family call me Spencer. I have a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from Delta state University Abraka and also an HSE Officer. I am the Chief Chef of Spencer's kitchen and I love to cook. When I am not cooking I am singing or being Father and a husband. 

Tell Us About Spencer’s Kitchen?
Spencer's kitchen is a catering service company that knows that you are what you eat and so therefore ensure excellent service is delivered to our clients whenever needed. We go beyond satisfying the stomach needs of our clients because we understand that good food help to sleep, think, love and live well, without necessary having a silver spoon.

It’s unconventional for Nigerian Men to be found in this female dominated food sector, why did you decide to go into this business?
Just like football is almost everybody’s thing in our part of the world? It was Julia Child that said, In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport, so whether it’s a women dominated, I decided to go into cooking because no form of stereotype will stop me from doing what I love doing.

What does your menu contain?
Spencer’s Kitchen is a forward thinking catering firm with a global outlook, Our menu is a combination of both international and local delicacies, to mention a few; Rice, Owo, Banga, Ogbono, Edikikong, Ragout and Tilapia, Eguisi soup together with Eba, Starch, Semo, Pounded yam, Wheat, Ukodo, Chicken Pineapple Ragout,  Small chops, Burgers, Cocktails and Chapman drinks. 

Why should anyone order from Spencer’s Kitchen
As a chef, all I do is put soul into the everyday food items, that it becomes verbally outspoken when you see our food, that means we are very concerned about details and hygiene, which is the essential condition for quality taste.
Secondly, you do not need a silver folk to require our service, we cater for every class in the society.  Food is essential to life, therefore we make it good for all category of clientele.
And lastly we are so concerned with our clients that, we take into consideration what our clients wants, e.g. if they don’t like spicy food, because of certain health challenges, we exercise our culinary dexterity specifically for the client.

When did you start cooking as a person, and when did you start cooking professionally?
Honestly, there was no transitional moment for me because I started cooking from my childhood out of love but I took it professionally February 2014.

What is your favorite part of this business?
When a man's stomach is full it becomes difficult to tell the difference whether he is rich or poor, but what’s more interesting is a filled stomach and a face brimming with delight and satisfaction. Nothing gives me joy than seeing the smile and satisfaction from clients face. 

Where are you located?
We are located at 21 Oku layout Orhuwhorun, in udu L.G.A of Delta State. We can also be reached on 08033110777,08053333664.

What kind of people do you cater for?
Food is a common ground, we cater for every kind of people, as we have strategically outlined different category of services depending on the needs and capacity of the clients.

What is the range of your delivery?
Presently, we have the capacity to deliver within Delta and Edo State.

How does Spencer’s Kitchen innovatively showcase the Uniqueness of Nigerian/Southern Delicacies? Do you have any Dish that has been developed by you?
Yes, we explore the uniqueness of Nigerian/Southern Delicacies and makes it appealing to every Nigerian. For example, Spencer’s Kitchen Banga soup, although best with Starch or Eba, we prepare it, taking into consideration that people who only eat semo will enjoy it in functions, and sometimes young men break the boundary to enjoy it with akpu.

Do you have anything for people with special Dietary concerns?
 Yes we have special diet for people with dietary concerns, upon the agreement of any contract, we discuss if there’s special needs and we plan towards it.

What do you intend to achieve with Spencer’s Kitchen?
With Spencer's kitchen, I see myself opening several food outlet in most of the southern part of the country and in five years time I see us becoming an household name in Nigeria and doing what we can to encourage more masculine involvement.

What’s the challenging part of your Job?
My job is not really challenging to me because it's what I love doing and I enjoy doing it.

Tell us about Taste and Tell?
Taste and tell (tasting party) is a food exhibition, and we intend to put on display a few of our delicacies for the city to see, taste and tell. Invitation is open to all, but on one condition, you must come with a smartphone to snap and tell the city about our food on your social media platforms, Post it, Tweet it, Instagram it and broadcast it, let the city know about the chef. As the name goes come, taste and tell the city of Warri what we can do. It's holding on the 11th of September, 2016, 3:00PM, at Bimos Hotel, beside FCMB opposite St. Mary's Junction, Airport Road, Warri Delta State.

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