Monday, 15 August 2016

#MondayPills : Collabo

It’s another great week, are you ready to run? Life does not bestow favor to those who dream, think or talk about their desired success rather to the ones running and doing something productive in the direction of that success. So pack yourself up with whatever you have and get on the track, your life is a daily race no one will run for you. Just as every step taken is a movement away from where you were, it shortens the distance to where you are going. So also every extra person who is value-driven helps to reduce the workload done. Sadly, there is an orientation that has subtly taken hold in our subconscious that makes us think we are all we need. Although it is true, we are enough but just a small piece of a bigger puzzle.
When I hear people say they do not need anyone, I wonder why they are on earth, because no one will disturb them in Mars or Pluto. We are part of an ecosystem that thrives on our interdependence. In school we were taught about the sun draining the rivers just to pour them back as rain and the benefits to nature. Every component of nature doesn’t stand alone but work in ‘collabo’ to sustain the beauty of life we awaken to see every day. The ideology that "all you need is you" has made us selfish self-centered beings with no regard for humanity. It has reduced our possibilities and limited our progress. It has starved trust that “all man for himself” has become a popular slogan that has no societal benefit. We will only grow in hatred and ready to kill whoever steps in our way with such an ideology. We need ourselves to survive. I want you at this point to take responsibility of your life and be sincere; have you come this far really all by yourself? Remember someone designed the medium with which you are reading this just in case you felt like deceiving yourself with a YES for an answer. Your life is a combination of the input of those around you physically and by proxy via media.

Interesting the bible even says, one shall chase a thousand and two will put ten thousand to flight, in my New Warri Version it reads, ‘if one hussle na 1k but if we be two na 10k’, in other words, when we collabo, we do more with lesser effort in lesser time. One reason we are burdened in our pursuit of happiness & success is that we want to do it all by ourselves. A lot of people have gone before us as a lesson we should learn from to do better, why repeat their errors? Have you observed that the bigger companies merge or partner? Why do we pride in the nothingness of our small and lonely estate? Check out Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft etc, though you may hear one name they were built on partnership and team spirit. Partnerships work! There are a lot of us in our city who are doing good but will do great if we collabo with others. Is it risky, YES  is it worth the risk…oooooo YES! There are tales of partnerships that didn’t work, have you studied those that worked or limited yourself by the fear of the few that failed? We have allowed our fears shrink us away from global relevance.
Two are always better than one, this is not a wedding statement but a reality in all aspects of life. Define what you want, be objective not sentimental, state them on paper and run with an open mind. Always communicate; this is the biggest challenge of systems and organizations, the inability to communicate sincerely. Our fear informs us to accept unfortunate outcome as our reality. Also, we have to start seeing everything we do as a part of a greater happening. If your work only ends in feeding and providing for you, you have abused the worth of your existence. Our lives were designed to fit into a bigger picture, so the output of our lives should fit into a grand plan. Ask yourself today, how will what I am doing help build a better community, who do I need to know meet or work with to enable it happen? If you don’t have answers, you have relegated yourself to the backseat of insignificance. You will be amazed how many people out there are awaiting your call so they can add their ginger to your fire. You should never underestimate the value of the next person by you, probably all they need is your call; initiate one and build a team.

Warri Arise! Let’s work together, them say ‘na hand wash hand na e de clean’, no matter how much disagreement exists between players of a team outside, in the field of play they have to work together to score a common goal for the team to win. The vision of a #NewWarri is bigger than any individual interest, however the lack of input from an individual can sabotage the possibilities that abound. Are you the one sabotaging Warri? Put in your bit today, explore, connect and implement with others that have ideas Imagine what keke riders can help achieve, they are one fast activating way to spread information yet we overlook them. They are yet untapped resource to achieve great things that we have devalued. Imagine the chaos if keke stops operation today. Everyone matters!

The #NewWarri arrives when we arise above our selfish drive for success and include other. Don’t hire people just as staff but let them see they are partnering in your vision so they could have ownership and not just wait for salary. This is another day’s talk but collabo is the way to go. My challenge to you this week, build partnership that works; identify those who do what you do and see new ways to amplify the effect of what you all do by synergizing.  What are you doing and how can I be part of it? Stop being satisfied with 1k when you can get a fair divide from 10k. #WarriWorks

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